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Dec 26, 2012
Mark Murphy minor reorganizing c94efb0
Mark Murphy all ABS projects set targetSdkVersion to 14 to eliminate dup menu aff…
Mark Murphy another Maps V2 sample project 892b790
Dec 27, 2012
Mark Murphy new app widget samples c37171f
Jan 03, 2013
Mark Murphy updated to SQLCipher 2.1.1 137f1df
Mark Murphy minor formatting 807fc6f
Mark Murphy added markers, switched to FragmentStatePagerAdapter 29fb7d8
Mark Murphy shorter parameter name for book formatting 62b3dbb
Mark Murphy new action bar overlay sample b6efbea
Mark Murphy new ShareActionProvider sample 40aadb6
Mark Murphy refactored custom MapFragment into public Java class 7ca4b80
Jan 26, 2013
Mark Murphy added a SherlockMapFragment sample e131783
Feb 08, 2013
Mark Murphy new sample of Uri-level permissions 07a9e22
Feb 19, 2013
Mark Murphy passing app widget instance ID along f913eb9
Mark Murphy fixes to string resources a2b414b
Mark Murphy bug fix 616ab95
Mark Murphy added comment header f3b3761
Mark Murphy added missing VIBRATE permission 5a4e102
Mark Murphy added string resource, removed extraneous onClick d3c6404
Mark Murphy switched to library project namespace d80e7c6
Mark Murphy added @JavascriptInterface 4d16b19
Mark Murphy reformatting 7b873ab
Mark Murphy modified ThreePaneDemoBC to remove source of jank 254e1d1
Mark Murphy sample of custom models for Maps V2 e943299
Mar 06, 2013
Mark Murphy fixed missing WakefulIntentService df432eb
Mark Murphy better polling period 40eb902
Mar 07, 2013
Mark Murphy sample of keeping screen on for longer than normal but not indefinitely 6401918
Mar 19, 2013
Mark Murphy added @TargetApi annotation 82d2887
Mark Murphy upgraded ABS, removed extraneous android-support-v4.jar files e575bbc
Mark Murphy better error handling 3088f90
Mark Murphy formatting 60a2e71
Mark Murphy set minSdkVersion to proper level (11) given code usage 7e3e6a3
Mark Murphy bug fix 2e09b7c
Mark Murphy switched to sw720dp 72b765e
Mark Murphy formatting 0a1633d
Mark Murphy support for scrollable contents 6a8b474
Mark Murphy fixed Lint complaints 8ed2ae4
Mark Murphy sample of full-screen modes ffafecd
Mark Murphy sample of onSaveInstanceState() at fragment level bc021f4
Mark Murphy sample of BitmapDrawable with tileMode b45a3ce
Mark Murphy simple my-location Maps V2 sample 13d9d08
Mark Murphy samples of Presentation ed2865f
Mark Murphy sample of pages in ViewPager contributing to action bar 456f951
Mark Murphy sample use of CalendarView 00b69a0