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Source code to omnibus edition of _The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development_

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Welcome to the source code for The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development!

All of the source code in this archive is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license except as noted.

The names of the top-level directories roughly correspond to a shortened form of the chapter titles. Since chapter numbers change with every release, and since some samples are used by multiple chapters, I am loathe to put chapter numbers in the actual directory names.

Using in Eclipse

These projects can be imported using the normal Eclipse import process. That being said, importing all the projects is probably a really bad idea, simply because there are so many of them. Import select projects, if and when you need them.

Note, though, that you will have to fix some things up, particularly if you are getting errors:

  • The build target of the project may be an Android SDK that you do not have installed. You will need to set the project build target to something that you have, by means of Project Properties.

  • Many of these projects use ActionBarSherlock. There is a copy of a compatible ActionBarSherlock in external/, and the project files are set up to reference that copy. If you import it first, your imports of other sample apps should go more smoothly. Alternatively, you can download and set up ActionBarSherlock yourself in your Eclipse workspace, then go into Project Properties and point the book's project to use your copy of the ActionBarSherlock library project.

  • Many of the book samples, and ActionBarSherlock, require your Java compiler compliance level to be set to 1.6, so code can use the @Override annotation on interface method implementations. You can find this in Project Properties, in the Java Compiler area.

  • Restarting Eclipse, for whatever reason, can clear up some undefined problems indicated by red exclamation marks over the project name in the Project Explorer.

Using from Ant

If you wish to use this code, you should delete build.xml from the project, then run android update project -p ... (where ... is the path to a project of interest) on those projects you wish to use, so the build files are updated for your Android SDK version.

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