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How To Contribute

If you have an interest in contributing to this project, here is some advice for packaging your contribution. Thanks!

Contributing Bug Reports

Most likely the most common contribution to a library like this will be bug reports.

All bug reports need to include:

  • the Android OS version on which you are experiencing the problem
  • the code necessary to reproduce the problem (this could be the repo's demo app, or it could be some demo project of yours that you publish)
  • the steps necessary, using that code and that version of Android, to reproduce the problem

Contributing Feature Requests

If you have an idea for how to make the library better, feel free to file an issue. You will have better luck in getting the feature implemented if you can "sell" the library author on how this feature will help the library author.

Contributing Code

This project is not set up to accept much in the way of pull requests or other code contributions, for licensing and contractual reasons, not technical ones.

If you send over a pull request, and it is a de minimis fix (i.e., there is no other reasonable way to affect the change other than how you did it), your pull request may be accepted and merged in directly. Otherwise, pull requests or other code samples will be used as inspiration for a fresh implementation, rather than used directly.

In general, you should open a bug report or feature request issue first, before submitting a pull request.