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CWAC Prefs: For When Regular Preferences Just Aren't Enough
`SharedPreferences` are persisted in an XML file, in the internal storage
of your app. In many cases, this is perfectly fine. In other cases,
though, you might want to store those preferences in some other container.
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Getting Help
-Do not ask for help via Twitter.
-And, for those of you who skipped over that sentence: do not ask for help on Twitter. Anyone who thinks that
-developer support can be handled in 140-character chunks should not be attempting to use a CWAC component.
-Now, that being said, the rest of your help will be for bugs or questions.
-### Bugs
-If you are experiencing some sort of problem using this component, where you are fairly certain the component
-itself is at fault, please submit a pull request
-for a new test case to be added to the `tests/` project that demonstrates the problem. Or, create
-a sample project that demonstrates the problem, post the source code to
-that project somewhere (e.g., a public GitHub repo), and file an
-[issue](, pointing to your project and providing
-instructions on how to reproduce the problem.
-Do not file an issue if you cannot reproduce the problem, or with only partial source code that may or may
-not be related to the problem.
-### Feature Requests and Non-Bug Issues
-If you see likely flaws just by looking at the code, or you see places where we
-would really need additional stuff for this to be useful, please file an
-### Other Questions
-If you have questions regarding the use of this code, please post a question
-on [StackOverflow]( tagged with `commonsware` and `android`. Be sure to indicate
-what CWAC module you are having issues with, and be sure to include *relevant* source code
-and stack traces if you are encountering crashes.
Release Notes

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