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CWAC Wakeful: Staying Awake At Work

The recommended pattern for Android's equivalent to cron jobs and Windows scheduled tasks is to use AlarmManager. This works well when coupled with an IntentService, as the service will do its work on a background thread and shut down when there is no more work to do.

There's one small problem: IntentService does nothing to keep the device awake. If the alarm was a WAKEUP variant, the phone will only stay awake on its own while the BroadcastReceiver handling the alarm is in its onReceive() method. Otherwise, the phone may fall back asleep.

WakefulIntentService attempts to combat this by combining the ease of IntentService with a partial WakeLock.


Any component that uses startService() to send work to the WakefulIntentService needs to call:


before calling startService() to send over the work.

Implementations of WakefulIntentService must override doWakefulWork() instead of onHandleIntent(). doWakefulWork() will be processed within the bounds of a WakeLock. Otherwise, the semantics of doWakefulWork() are identical to onHandleIntent().

And that's it. WakefulIntentService handles the rest.

NOTE: this only works with local services. You have no means of accessing the static WakeLock of a remote service.




This is version 0.1 of this module, meaning it is pretty darn new.


In the com.commonsware.cwac.wakeful.demo package you will find an OnBootReceiver designed to be attached to the BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast Intent. OnBootReceiver schedules an alarm, which is sent to OnAlarmReceiver. OnAlarmReceiver in turn asks AppService (which extends WakefulIntentService) to do some work in a background thread.

Note that when you build the JAR via ant jar, the sample activity is not included, nor any resources -- only the compiled classes for the actual library are put into the JAR.


The code in this project is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0, per the terms of the included LICENSE file.


If you have questions regarding the use of this code, please join and ask them on the cw-android Google Group. Be sure to indicate which CWAC module you have questions about.

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