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Replacement for the now-deprecated downloads portion of GitHub
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CWAC-Adapter.jar download from cwac-adapter repo
CWAC-Camera.jar v0.0.2 download from cwac-colormixer repo
CWAC-EndlessAdapter-v1.0.0.jar downloads from cwac-endless repo
CWAC-EndlessAdapter.jar v1.2.2
CWAC-Layouts.jar v0.2.1
CWAC-LoaderEx.jar v0.7.1
CWAC-LocationPoller.jar download from cwac-locpoll\ repo
CWAC-MergeAdapter.jar download from cwac-merge repo
CWAC-Pager.jar v0.1.1
CWAC-Prefs.jar download from cwac-prefs repo
CWAC-Presentation.jar v0.1.0
CWAC-SackOfViewsAdapter.jar download from cwac-sacklist repo
CWAC-StrictModeEx.jar download from cwac-strictmodeex repo
CWAC-WakefulIntentService.jar download from cwac-wakeful repo Update

This repo holds binary downloads from other commonsguy repositories on GitHub, as a replacement for the now-deprecated Downloads area in those repositories.

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