Project for an AAR for SQLCipher for Android
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SQLCipher for Android: the Artifact

NOTE: The official AAR is now available from JCenter via compile 'net.zetetic:android-database-sqlcipher:3.3.1-1@aar'. Please use it. This artifact is officially deprecated, replaced by the official one.

SQLCipher is an encrypted edition of SQLite. SQLCipher for Android is a port of that SQLite to Android, complete with a JAR that offers an API mirroring that of Android's native SQLite API.

At the present time, though, SQLCipher for Android is not available as an official artifact from Zetetic. The official distribution is in the form of a ZIP archive that you have to (carefully) unpack into the right spots in your project and, in the case of Android Studio, add (carefully) to your build.gradle file.

This GitHub repo represents a packaging of the SQLCipher for Android distribution in a standard Android library module. In addition, that library is distributed as an AAR for easier integration into an Android Studio project.

However, it should be noted that this is totally unofficial. It is hoped that Zetitec will distribute an AAR via an artifact repository themselves someday, at which point this project will become officially deprecated.


To integrate the AAR, add the following closures to your module's build.gradle file:

repositories {
    maven {
        url ""

dependencies {
    compile 'com.commonsware.cwac:sqlcipher-for-android:3.3.1'

From there, you use SQLCipher for Android the same way that you would if you were using the official ZIP file distribution.

Note that the version number of the artifact will mirror the version number of the official SQLCipher for Android distribution.


There is a demo/ module, alongside the library module. Mostly, the demo module is there to confirm that the library module itself is working fine. You're welcome to poke at the code for the demo module to see how to use SQLCipher for Android in a very crude form. In particular, note that while the demo module uses a hardcoded passphrase, nobody ships a production-grade app using a hardcoded passphrase.


Please read Zetitec's README for licensing information for SQLCipher for Android itself.

The demo module and ancillary project files unique to this repo are licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0.


Quoting Zetetic, "the primary venue for free support and announcements is the SQLCipher discuss site." You can read more about SQLCipher for Android's support options on the SQLCipher support page.

If you are encountering problems specifically with this artifact (not SQLCipher for Android itself), you can file an issue.

Release Notes

  • 3.3.1: initial release of artifact