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Commons Host πŸ‘

Public issues for tech support, bug reports, feature requests, and other discussion.

πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ

Where is the Source Code?

Development of the Commons Host project takes place on, which is the hosted SaaS version of the GitLab project.

Should I create issues on GitLab or GitHub?

The choice is yours. Either one is acceptable and should receive the same level of attention.

On GitLab it is easier to reference commits, branches, merge requests, and roadmap/archived issues.

However if you are more comfortable using GitHub, then just create a new GitHub issue on this very repository.

Why not use GitHub for the Source Code?

@sebdeckers: I happen to like GitLab.

  1. It has some really neat features like integrated CI/CD and deployment tools.
  2. It is a free and open source product.
  3. It is a company that pursues a FOSS-based business model.
  4. Using heterogenous tools forces your workflow to be more resilient.
  5. Everyone loves an underdog.

GitLab also offers gratis private repositories. Those are not used by Commons Host. Everything is public.

Do I need a GitLab account?

You can sign in to using your GitHub account. I ❀️ OAuth!

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