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Firefox and Chrome addons for


Most convenient way to build the extension is via Grunt, the JS task runner.


You need to have following installed:

  • node.js - As soon as you have it installed, you should have npm (node package manager) in your shell.
  • python - The 2.5+ version is required, the 3 for is not working. Python is required for the Mozilla SDK to function.
  • grunt - assuming you have npm in your $PATH, as root, type in npm install -g grunt-cli. This installs you a grunt-cli, so you should now have grunt command on your shell too.
  • bower - bower is used to manage dependencies. In order to install it, run npm install -g bower.

There is no need to manually download and install the Mozilla SDK or any other third parties, the build system does this for you.

Building and running extension with grunt

Navigate to the source root (folder containing this README).

Before you run any grunt tasks, you need npm to download grunt itself and its dependencies (specified in package.json). npm install. Npm will download all the required packages for you.

Here you can do following:

  • grunt lint - runs the jshint process with the appropriate check rules for the chrome and injected pieces.
  • grunt lint-firefox - for firefox plugin
  • grunt lint-chrome - for google chrome plugin
  • grunt bower - downloads bower-managed dependencies used in extension.
  • grunt build - builds both of extensions into build dir (folders 'chrome' and 'firefox')
  • grunt build:firefox - builds firefox extensions to build dir (folder 'firefox')
  • grunt build:chrome - builds google chrome extensions to build dir (folder 'chrome')
  • grunt run:firefox - runs the firefox plugin in the browser
  • grunt dist - in the dist folder, creates two packaged extensions (XPI for firefox into dist\firefox folder and CRX for google chrome into dist\chrome folder) ready to be passed over. The sources are not processed anyhow. Surely, this implies the lint check also passes.(minimal)
  • grunt dist:firefox - same as dist but only for firefox addon. (minimal)
  • grunt dist:chrome - same as dist but only for google chrome addon. (minimal)

Development notes

Please refer to the appropriate page - Development section. In short, you'll need the very same environment as for building plus a text editor.