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CMake-ified version of DCMTK
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Latest commit eb9c842 @jcfr jcfr Merge pull request #9 from fedorov/patched-DCMTK-3.6.1_20150924
[CRITICAL] Fix issues with incorrect bit packing on segmentation export
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CMake Updated DCMTK_ABI_VERSION for new development snapshot.
config Fixed typo and made documentation more consistent.
dcmdata Check for recently approved multi-frame images.
dcmfg [PATCH] Fixed typo in error message.
dcmimage Introduced new modules dcmiod, dcmfg and dcmseg.
dcmimgle Fixed issue with interpolation algorithm.
dcmiod Fixed various minor issues in module descriptions.
dcmjpeg Introduced global definitions for certain tags.
dcmjpls Introduced global definitions for certain tags.
dcmnet Added support for new UIDs from Supplement 156.
dcmpstat Simplified builtin dictionary infrastructure.
dcmqrdb Added support for new UIDs from Supplement 156.
dcmrt Fixed wrong comment.
dcmseg [PATCH] Fixed bug when packaging binary segmentations.
dcmsign Introduced new modules dcmiod, dcmfg and dcmseg.
dcmsr Fix dcmsr build error on llvm-gcc-4.2 on MacOSX.
dcmtls Introduced new modules dcmiod, dcmfg and dcmseg.
dcmwlm Introduced new modules dcmiod, dcmfg and dcmseg.
docs Updated CHANGES.361 for new development snapshot.
doxygen Updated man pages for new development snapshot.
oflog Introduced new modules dcmiod, dcmfg and dcmseg.
ofstd Updated Makefile dependencies.
.gitignore Added more files to be ignored by git.
ANNOUNCE Renamed ANNOUNCE file (removed version suffix).
CHANGES Fixed installation and added CHANGES file.
CMakeLists.txt Added CREDITS file.
COPYRIGHT Fixed copyright header in module "dcmsr".
CREDITS Added "YXLON" to the new CREDITS file.
FAQ Added link to online FAQ.
HISTORY Slightly revised contents of the HISTORY file.
INSTALL Updated currently supported compiler versions.
Makefile Added CREDITS file.
README Added three new DCMTK modules to README.
VERSION Various minor fixes for development version.
configure Improved error message for missing configure scripts.



This DICOM ToolKit (DCMTK) package consists of source code, documentation
and installation instructions for a set of software libraries and
applications implementing part of the DICOM/MEDICOM Standard.

DCMTK contains the following sub-packages, each in its own sub-directory:

    config   - configuration utilities for DCMTK
    dcmdata  - a data encoding/decoding library and utility apps
    dcmfg    - a library for working with functional groups
    dcmimage - adds support for color images to dcmimgle
    dcmimgle - an image processing library and utility apps
    dcmiod   - a library for working with information objects and modules
    dcmjpeg  - a compression/decompression library and utility apps
    dcmjpls  - a compression/decompression library and utility apps
    dcmnet   - a networking library and utility apps
    dcmpstat - a presentation state library and utility apps
    dcmqrdb  - an image database server
    dcmrt    - a radiation therapy library and utility apps
    dcmseg   - a library for working with segmentation objects
    dcmsign  - a digital signature library and utility apps
    dcmsr    - a structured report library and utility apps
    dcmtls   - security extensions for the network library
    dcmwlm   - a modality worklist database server
    oflog    - a logging library based on log4cplus
    ofstd    - a library of general purpose classes

Each sub-directory (except config) contains further sub-directories for
application source code (apps), library source code (libsrc), library
include files (include), configuration data (etc), documentation (docs),
sample and support data (data) as well as test programs (tests).

To build and install the DCMTK package see the INSTALL file.  For copyright
information see the COPYRIGHT file.  For information about the history of
this software see the HISTORY file.  For answers to frequently asked
questions please consult the FAQ:

There is also a Wiki system where additional information can be found:

If you find bugs or other problems with this software, we would appreciate
hearing about them.  Please send electronic mail to:


Please try to describe the problem in detail and if possible give a
suggested fix.  For general questions on how to compile, install or use
the toolkit we recommend the public discussion forum at:
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