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CommServer software Migration and Maintenance

This project is aimed at CommServer software migration from on-premise subversion repository to GitHub and publishing it as the Open-source software (OSS). OSS is a type of computer software in which source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose.

The project will be used to manage the migration process of transferring multi-parts software from an on-premise subversion repository to a set of GitHub repositories.

After migration, this project will aggregate the description of all activities addressing the software maintenance process.

About CommServer

CommServer is a package of software to manage data transfer. Built-in technologies and algorithms provide a smart data transmission that automatically adapts its parameters to the process needs and underlying communication network capabilities.

To learn more about CommServer software family visit the software home page.

The CommServer software was written by CAS Lodz Poland. I am the founder and Executive Director of CAS. Now CAS is just an individual business activity conducted by me, so I decided to move this software to Open Source.

Migration Scope

NOTE CAS.MAML and PR34-Documentation requires installation of the SHFB tool to process MAML files.


We use Semantic Versioning for versioning. For the versions available, see the releases on this repository. For your convenience, the versions of the tools and NuGet packages making up the CommServer software has been listed in the next subsections.


The table below lists the latest versions of the published Tools.

Description Version Source Installer
Public release of the ASMD 4.1 mpostol/ASMD OOI - OPC UA Address Space Model Designer V 4.1
CAS Address Space Model Designer (ASMD) 3.20.1 mpostol/ASMD Windows installation released by CAS (V3.20.1 -2016)
Object Oriented Internet Reactive Networking Configuration Editor NA mpostol/OPC-UA-OOI.ConfigEditor NA

NuGet packages

The table below lists the published NuGet packages.

Package Id Description Source
CAS.CodeProtect Helper library supporting licenses creation and validation. mpostol/CodeProtect
CAS.RealTime Real-Time Programming Helpers Library. mpostol/RealTime
CAS.CommServer.DA.Client Provides set of assemblies that may be used by the OPC DA Clients. NA
CAS.CommServer.DA.Viewer CommServer OPC Viewer is a full featured OPC client designed to help during installation, testing, and configuration of OPC Data Access compliant servers. This tool is available as standalone or included in the other software packages. NA
CAS.CommServer.DAClientConfiguration Library supporting OPC Classic Configuration management functions. NA
CAS.CommServer.DAServerConfiguration Server Configuration Management Library provides CAS.NetworkConfigLib namespace. NA
CAS.CommServer.DeviceSimulator Device Simulator for CommServer family. NA
CAS.CommServer.OPCClassic.SDK.COMWrapper The COM Wrapper library for OPC Classic .NET API based on OPC Foundation SDK 2.01.106. NA
CAS.CommServer.OPCClassic.SDK.Core The Core library for OPC Classic .NET API based on OPC Foundation SDK 2.01.106. NA
CAS.CommServer.UA.ConfigurationEditor.ServerConfiguration This plug-in is used to configure the CAS OPC UA CommServer and define bindings of the model instance nodes with the actual real-time process data source. NA
CAS.CommServer.UA.ModelCompiler.Command The Model Compiler generates UANodeSet, C# and ANSI C source code from XML files which include the UA Services, data-types, error codes, etc.; and numerous CSV files that contain NodeIds, error codes, and attributes etc. To be used as a plug-in by the CAS Address Space Model Designer. NA
CAS.CommServer.UA.ModelCompiler.Common OPC UA ModelCompiler common part separated form the CAS.CommServer.UA.ModelCompiler to provide the standard model. NA
CAS.CommServer.UA.Stack.Core OPC UA Stack provided by OPC Foundation and refactored by CAS. NA
CAS.Licenses.Container Is deprecated and will be removed from the dependence's chain NA
CAS.MAML.HelpTopics.Content Library containing schema definition of the all topics xml file. NA
CAS.UA.Common The library contains a shared helpers used to process OPC UA data. It contains Types definition and serialization classes. NA
CAS.UA.IServerConfiguration The CAS.UA.IServerConfiguration library contains a shared interfaces for server configuration which UA applications can reference.The library provides an abstraction over any OPC UA server configuration plug-in. Using the library allows an application to indirectly access the server configuration attributes without relying on hard references. The hope is that using this library, third-party applications and frameworks can begin to leverage server configuration management without tying themselves down to a specific implementation. mpostol/OPC-UA-OOI
CAS.Windows.Forms The library contains Windows.Forms controls. NA

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