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2.0.5 (04/27/2018)

  • Removed references to nine bit mode. it is not currently supported. References in the driver are retained for backwards compatibility purposes only.
  • Changed IntervalTimeout to immediately occur, increasing compatibility with terminal programs.
  • Change /inc to /lib/raw to be more in line with other Commtech repositories.

2.0.4 (09/01/2017)

  • Finished implementing isochronous.
  • Modified the naming to hopefully resolve some character size issues.

2.0.3 (07/03/2017)

  • Modified the drivers to utilize 10.0 Driver Framework for Windows 10, and utilize non-executable memory.
  • Some documentation tweaks.
  • Fixed the build configurations.
  • Small changes to the INF.

2.0.2 (04/19/2017)

  • A special release for our new Vendor ID. All releases going forward use this new ID, 0x2EB0.

2.0.1 (02/08/2017)

  • Fixed supporting multiple cards.

2.0.0 (01/23/2017)

  • Added COM compatibility to the drivers. Not backwards compatible with previous software.

1.0.1 (01/17/2016)

  • Fixed some errors in the .INX for Windows 10.

1.0.0 (09/26/2016)

This is the initial release of the 1.0 driver series.