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2.5.0 (02/13/2014)

  • Updated SerialFC to v2.3.0
  • Added support for FSCC/4-PCIe cards
  • Fixed issue with setting clock frequency on 4-port cards
  • Minor optimizations

2.4.9 (01/10/2014)

  • Added checks to prevent status/timestamp while in streaming mode
  • Added clock frequency range checks
  • Reimplement sysfs support for quantity input/output frames
  • Minor improvements

2.4.8 (12/09/2013)

  • Updated SerialFC to v2.2.0
  • Increased the default timeout duration to 50 cycles
  • Added early support for getnstimeofday()
  • Fixed setting the clock rate on 232 cards
  • Fixed a buf where DMA frames were getting lost
  • Various small fixes

2.4.7 (11/14/2013)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented small frame sizes from being calculated correctly when approaching the memory limit

2.4.6 (11/5/2013)

  • Fixed a bug where outgoing frames wouldn't get cleared fast enough

2.4.5 (10/7/2013)

  • Fixed a bug where input stream data wasn't being calculated in memory usage
  • Fixed tx_modifiers ioctl to accept raw integers

2.4.4 (09/25/2013)

  • Fixed a regression where card's weren't detected on kernels < (3.8)

2.4.3 (09/25/2013)

  • Performance improvements when transmitting and receiving frames
  • Fix bug preventing tx_modifiers from being set correctly
  • Remove old CLI from project
  • Add links to external libraries
  • Fixed a bug where card won't be recognized if serialfc driver is loaded first
  • Remove hot_plug option

2.4.2 (08/28/2013)

  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to return more data than your buffer size (introduced in 2.4.0)

2.4.1 (08/28/2013)

  • Stability improvements

2.4.0 (08/26/2013)

  • Added support for timestamps

2.3.0 (08/14/2013)

  • Now use serialfc driver for asynchronous data
  • Optimize write handling
  • Added sysfs support for returning multiple frames

2.2.4 (06/20/2013)

  • Added support for returning multiple frames per read call
  • Added support for new card ID's

2.2.3 (06/13/2013)

  • Fixed a bug where having NTB set wouldn't put you in a frame based mode
  • Fixed a compiler issue on older kernels
  • Several small performance improvements when handling incoming frames

2.2.2 (03/25/2013)

  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed a bug where asynchronous baud rates were off
  • Fixed compiler errors introduced in linux 3.8
  • Fixed random crash in framing based modes

2.2.1 (11/16/2012)

  • Fixed a bug where X-Sync mode wasn't considered stream data if there wasn't any framing
  • Fixed a data loss bug in transparent mode
  • Improved debug prints

2.2.0 (10/09/2012)

  • Added install option to Makefile
  • Improve debug prints
  • Fixed typos
  • Include the gui, cli and pyfscc into the project
  • Added some 'get' ioctls
  • Added additional examples
  • Rename flush{tx,rx} to purge{tx,rx}
  • Update licenses
  • Added fscc.rules file
  • Fixed a bug causing the number of frames to be incorrect
  • Added driver specific registers to sysfs when in debug mode
  • Fixed an issue where a frame was left in the FIFO
  • Optimize the memory consumtion while in streaming mode
  • Fixed setting the clock on older green cards.

2.1.3 (02/06/2012)

  • Fixed typos
  • Remove sudo from install_tools
  • Remove make all
  • Added default transmit_modifiers
  • Added tx_modifiers and ignore_timeout to sysfs
  • Rearrange initialization code
  • Use sema_init exclusively
  • Clean up code
  • See changesets for full list of changes

2.1.2 (09/14/2011)

  • init_MUTEX(x) removed in 2.6.37, I replaced it with sema_init(x,1)

2.1.1 (07/19/2011)

  • Fixed bug that caused the SuperFSCC/4-LVDS to not install correctly

2.1.0 (05/02/2011)

  • Fixed comments in code
  • Added make help target
  • Migrate from google code to bitbucket
  • Added code and examples for various transmit modes
  • Fixed dma insmod parameter
  • Added SuperFSCC-LVDS and SuperFSCC/104 to the driver
  • See changesets for full list of changes

2.0.5 (02/17/2011)

  • Added a force_fifo option that prevents DMA operation
  • Added a simple example showing how to use the select() function to determine how much data is available in the card

2.0.4 (02/09/2011)

  • Fixed a build error with kernels prior to 2.6.27 that used an older dma mapping function than we currently use
  • Added a makefile command for removing the C headers
  • Added a script to soft link against our sysfs directory
  • Added a script to easily download related software
  • Updated the README to address some confusing sections

2.0.3 (01/13/2011)

  • Don't consider being in transparent mode as necessarily being streaming data

2.0.2 (01/12/2011)

  • Synchronize version number of module with repo.

2.0.1 (01/12/2011)

  • Added memory constraint checks when in transparent mode
  • Use atomic memory allocation when in transparent mode

v2.0.0 (01/07/2011)

This is the initial release of the 2.0 driver series.