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2.7.7 (02/14/2017)

  • Removed sent_oframes. It caused memory to grow infinitely when frames were back to back, and seemed to serve no real purpose.
  • Changed memory calculations to use buffer_size instead of data_length.

2.7.6 (03/15/2016)

  • Removed test.exe from releases - it was unreliable in Clock Mode 7 because of cable length.
  • Fixed the original cause of the bug check fixed in version 2.7.5, rxcnt should no longer be invalid.

2.7.5 (10/30/2015)

  • Fixed the blue screen issue when receive_length is negative.
  • Added tools for more thorough debugging.
  • Updated copyright years.

2.7.4 (10/14/2014)

  • Fixed memory cap issues with outgoing data.
  • Fixed memory cap issues with incoming data.

2.7.3 (02/13/2014)

  • Updated SerialFC to v2.4.5
  • Minor optimizations

2.7.2 (01/09/2014)

  • Added checks to prevent status/timestamp while in streaming mode
  • Updated SerialFC to v2.4.4

2.7.1 (12/12/2013)

2.7.0 (12/12/2013)

  • Added ability to track interrupts

v2.6.4 (11/26/2013)

  • Fixed incorrectly setting the clock on 232 and green cards
  • Included latest library versions
  • Updated SerialFC to v2.4.2

2.6.3 (11/11/2013)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented small frame sizes from being calculated correctly when approaching the memory limit

2.6.2 (11/11/2013)

  • Fixed a regresion from v2.5.0 where the computer would freeze while reading transparent data
  • Fixed a bug where outgoing frames wouldn't get cleared fast enough

2.6.1 (10/25/2013)

2.6.0 (10/25/2013)

2.5.0 (10/7/2013)

  • Added wait on write support

2.4.3 (9/24/2013)

  • Fixed the test program not compiling correctly

2.4.2 (9/20/2013)

  • Switch to using external code libraries
  • Updated SerialFC to v2.2.2

2.4.1 (8/28/2013)

  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to return more data than your buffer size (introduced in 2.4.0)
  • Documentation and library improvements

2.4.0 (8/27/2013)

  • Added support for timestamps

2.3.1 (8/21/2013)

  • Added missing device ID's 22 and 27

2.3.0 (8/13/2013)_

2.2.10 (7/23/2013)

2.2.9 (6/21/2013)

  • Added support for returning multiple frames per read call
  • Added support for new card ID's
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to incorrectly be in a stream based mode when only terminating using NTB
  • Updated SerialFC to v2.1.5

2.2.8 (5/21/2013)

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to reset another port's FCR settings when opening an adjacent port.

2.2.7 (5/8/2013)

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the user to open the FSCC and COM ports at the same time by manually clearing the FCR register
  • Updated SerialFC to v2.1.4

2.2.6 (4/26/2013)

  • Fixed a memory leak when using a frame based reception mode
  • General memory improvements

2.2.5 (4/19/2013)

  • Added a default PPM value to the .NET library
  • Fixed a bug that caused the channel to be set incorrectly (cause FCR and clock operations to not work on 2nd channel)
  • Several small performance improvements when handling incoming frames
  • Increase timeout duration to reduce the frequency of timeout errors at lower data rates
  • Fixed a bug where streaming data wasn't terminated on memory constraint

2.2.4 (4/10/2013)

  • Made the CMDR register write only in the .NET library
  • Fixed regression buf causing memory to be calculated incorrectly (caused runaway memory use)
  • Added initial support for memory-mapped firmware
  • Fixed miscellaneous little bugs

2.2.3 (3/25/2013)

  • Fixed a bug that caused random crashes when using a framing based mode
  • Fixed a bug that caused 'append status' to be ignored (full fix)

2.2.2 (3/13/2013)

  • Fixed a bug in the .NET library that caused extra data to be returned from the Read function
  • Fixed a bug that caused 'append status' to be ignored
  • Fixed a bug in the .NET library that caused registers to be set incorrectly
  • Update SerialFC to
  • v2.1.2

2.2.1 (2/25/2013)

  • Performance improvements
  • Add Python support
  • Update SerialFC to v2.1.1

2.2.0 (2/1/2013)

  • Libraries are now built for XP support
  • fscc_read_with_timeout now uses CancelIo instead of CancelIoEx to support XP.
  • Update SerialFC to v2.1.0

2.1.0 (1/11/2013)

  • Add asynchronous support

2.0.2 (11/16/2012)

  • Improve port location naming in the Device Manager
  • Fixed a bug in fscc_read_with_timeout where a frame wasn't cancelled upon timeout
  • Fixed a bug that caused X-Sync mode to not be considered streaming data if there wasn't any framing
  • Improved debug prints
  • IRQ and memory optimizations
  • Fixed a bug causing data loss in transparent mode

2.0.1 (11/05/2012)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented initiating a read before data had arrived
  • Improve debug prints
  • Changed each port's priority level to SERIAL_PORT
  • Miscellaneous BSOD bug fixes
  • Miscellaneous data loss bug fixes
  • Change SDDL permissions to not require administrator privileges
  • Add more explicit exceptions to the C++ library
  • Fixed a C++ library connection bug
  • Fixed a generic library bug preventing setting the clock frequency

2.0.0 (10/08/2012)

This is the initial release of the 2.0 driver series.