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1.2.5 (06/05/2018)

  • Modified the includes directory location to match other Commtech repositories.
  • Updated examples for includes changes.
  • Fixed the FCR not being read correctly.
  • Fixed TXEXT accidentally sending XREP instead of TXEXT.
  • Fixed FCR getting overwritten when updating the clock.

1.2.4 (10/20/2017)

  • Changed the custom class GUID to a new GUID.
  • Added a class installer to rename ports with their port number.
  • Enabled the drivers to 'remember' what number a port is set to.
  • Added a tool to allow a user to find a physical device associated with a port number.

1.2.3 (08/02/2017)

  • Updated driver project files for specific Windows 10 releases.

1.2.2 (04/12/2017)

  • Updated driver project for new vendor ID. API remains compatible, but going forward all Sync Com devices will not work without the correct VID.
  • Updates to the documentation.

1.2.1 (11/18/2016)

  • Fixed a bug added by v1.2.0.
  • Changed the loopback file for more thorough testing.
  • Internal clean up.

1.2.0 (11/11/2016)

  • Added functionality to check the firmware version of the FX2.
  • Fixed the reprogramming widget.
  • Cleaned up several files.

1.1.2 (09/30/2016)

  • Reworked the internals to no longer rely on the ISR.
  • Cleaned up the project files and inx files.
  • Fixed an issue that caused occasional frame loss or frame delay.

1.0.0 (04/21/2016)

This is the initial release of the 1.0 driver series.