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1. qmake
2. make
3. sudo make install
4. CONFIG += communi
5. enjoy!
Build config
The default build config is resolved by qmake. To build Communi
specifically in release or debug mode, you may pass additional
"-config release" or "-config debug" parameters to qmake, respectively.
Furthermore, in order to build a static version of Communi, you
may pass "-config static".
uchardet vs. ICU
The default encoding detection backend is uchardet. It is bundled
with Communi and therefore requires no special build configuration.
In order to configure Communi with the ICU encoding detection backend,
pass "-config icu" parameters to qmake. This requires that the ICU
libraries are installed on the system.
A static library in release mode:
qmake -config static -config release
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