A simple display of community activity from the community graph implemented in Kotlin
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Community-Graph Information Radar

A simple display of community activity from the community graph implemented in Kotlin

We deployed both to Heroku.

The frontend: http://kotlin-kudos.herokuapp.com

The backend: http://kotlin-kudos-backend.herokuapp.com

The dashboard: http://kotlin-dashboard.herokuapp.com

Getting set up

Data from Neo4j is enriched in real-time using Twitter APIs, which require access credentials.

  • Obtain Twitter API creds from apps.twitter.com
  • Register a new application, once done, edit backend/src/main/resources/application.properties

Running the backend

Running the frontend

You'll need node.js, version 7 or above. A nice way to install that is with Node Version Manager.

Kotlin Kudos Frontend

Statistics Dashboard

The beginnings of a statistics dashboard as a React application can be found in dashboard.

Currently it only lists tweets per month from the backend (StatsRepository).

It is running on: http://kotlin-dashboard.herokuapp.com

KotlinConf Competition

Tweet #Kudos to your #Kotlin Heros

Kotlin Conf Kudos

See your tweets at http://kotlin-kudos.herokuapp.com


If you want to win a cool t-shirt at the Neo4j booth during KotlinConf do the following:

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Improve it, just a small bit (code, frameworks, UI, add a new community-graph statistics query)
  3. Run it locally
  4. Send a Pull Request
  5. Come by, show us & get your prize

Kotlin Competition Prizes

Kotlin Community Graph

A Neo4j database capturing all the public activity of the Kotlin Community on

  • Twitter
  • StackOverflow
  • GitHub
  • Meetup

Connection Details

You can run Neo4j Cypher Queries on it, like we do in StatsRepository and render the results as charts, lists or networks.