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Awesome League Awesome

A list of things that work with the League of Legends APIs.

Join the Riot Games Third Party Developer Community to learn more about League's APIs and their possibilities.




  • Amumus Friends - Export & import your League of Legends friends.

  • Ancient Chimes - Export your friends list into a text file.

  • ARAM Zone - ARAM-focused website that provides many detailed builds for each champion, tierlist and match history.

  • Blitz App - All in one assistant that provides information about the team, imports runes, and item builds.

  • ChampR - Allows auto generate recommend champion builds and popup runes list and apply on the fly.

  • Crescendo - Allows you to mute the annoying PHOOOOM sound when you accept the game.

  • Dark Binding - Manages your keybindings based on your selected champion.

  • Deceive - Masks your online status.

  • Disenchanter - Mass disenchant loot like champion shards, skin shards, mythic essence and more.

  • Hextech Friends - Enables you to invite a lot of people at once.

  • Insert Mission Here - Creates custom missions for clubs.

  • League Fan - A website for previewing League of Legends summoner Icons, emotes, and others.

  • LeagueRecord - A lightweight program that automatically records LoL games and saves the timestamps of the most important events in the game.

  • League Tools - A cross-platform desktop app with many League Client exploits (e.g profile customization).

  • Legendary Rune Maker - Automation app that imports rune pages, item sets and skill order, as well as automatically going through champ select for you.

  • LickMyRunes - Automatically import runes for your picked champion from OP.GG.

  • LolAV - A desktop app that will allow you to set one of the hidden Tencent icons for your profile.

  • Lytical - Match statistics and profile analytics app for all regions including Garena & WeGame.

  • Mimic - Allows you to control your client from your phone.

  • Nemo - Recommends champions to pick/ban, provides information about players, imports runes, spells, and item sets.

  • PassCalc - A calculator for League of Legends passes.

  • Pengu Loader - Unleash the power of Customization from your League of Legends Client.

  • RuneBook - App that can import runes from many sources. Updated fork of the original app.

  • RuneChanger - Allows you to quickly import runes, select recently played champions, promptly reply in chat, and automate disenchanting and crafting loot.

  • Sentinel - Enables the use of Windows 10 notifications to show alerts from the client.

  • Trophy Hunter - Creates your personalized trophy wall based on completed challenges.

  • YasuNO - Prevents you from selecting Yasuo in champion select.

External Apps

  • - A chaotic champion randomizer.

  • Skin Explorer - Browse through League of Legends splash art from your browser.

Content Creation

  • League Director - Official tool for making advanced League of Legends replays.

  • Creator Suite - Tool by SkinSpotlights made for the Replay API.

  • lol-pick-ban-ui - Web based tournament UI to display champion select picks and bans.

Developer Tools

  • lcu-api - A Python LCU wrapper.

  • lcu-driver - Python3 interface for LCU API.

  • lcu-event-viewer - View and record events that the LCU sends through WebSockets.

  • llux - Transfer data to the LCU via the command-line interface.

  • simple-debugger - Debug client API calls via Fiddler.

  • PoniLCU - C# Library for interacting with the LCU APIs.

  • lcu-events - Cross-platform NPM Module to handle WebSocket events and make API calls to LCU.

  • LeagueConnect - NPM Module to get the LCU credentials and connect to the websocket.

  • lcu-connector - NPM Module to connect to the LCU automatically.

  • hexgate - A TypeScript LCU wrapper available on NPM.

  • lol-client-java-api - Java library for connecting to LCU through API and websocket.

  • GlassLCU - C# .NET library that allows you to communicate with the LCU in a typed and always up-to-date manner.

  • lcu-sharp - An C# API wrapper for the League of Legends client.

  • RiftExplorer - Electron application to explore the LCU API.

  • RitoClient - Deep dive into your RiotClient.

  • go-lcu - Go Library to automatically retrieve the port and token of the LCU and wrap it behind a reverse proxy.

DevOps Tools


A list of apps that work with the League of Legends Client & In-Game API.








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