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A 100% client-side spellchecker. 235k words.

Uses Metaphone, Soundex, Caverphone, Porter stemming and Levenshtein distance to determine similar words to a given string.

Uses HTML5 Workers to build three phoneme dictionaries on the client, each containing 235k words. It then applies some simple heuristics to the user input to find the nearest match.

View the demo.


  • Optimise the phoneme generation (esp. Caverphone) to sub-second build times.
  • Add support for more complex words case insensitivity, hyphenated, nouns etc.
  • Write some unit tests to see how the aspell test results compare.
  • IE9 benchmarks.


It's not ready for production use as in all but Chrome the dictionaries take too long to build. Here's some unscientific tests on a 2.6 Ghz Duo Core / 4 GB RAM MacBook Pro.


234936 words in the dictionary
soundex loaded in 2.075 seconds
metaphone loaded in 3.541 seconds
caverphone loaded in 6.535 seconds


234936 words in the dictionary
soundex loaded in 4.05 seconds
metaphone loaded in 4.573 seconds
caverphone loaded in 8.616 seconds


234936 words in the dictionary
soundex loaded in 12.078 seconds
metaphone loaded in 11.622 seconds
caverphone loaded in 17.108 seconds