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function Install-OMSAgents {
Used to install OMS Agents
Used to install OMS Agents locally and remotely. It will download the required installer by
default, but you can also specify a path to the installer if you don't have internet access
for all machines you wish to install it on, or want to save bandwidth.
.Parameter ComputerName
Array of Computer Names to install the OMS agent on.
.Parameter WorkspaceID
Azure Log Analytics Workspace ID.
.Parameter WorkspaceKey
Azure Log Analytics Workspace Key.
.Parameter OMSDownloadPath
Specify the directory on each machine to download the installer to.
.Parameter InstallerPath
Specify a local or UNC path to the MMA installer if you don't want to download it automatically.
Requires all servers you want to be able to install the Agent on to have access to the share hosting
the installer.
.Parameter OverrideExisting
Triggers overriding existing workspaces on machines with the agent already installed.
Install-OMSAgents -ComputerName Server01 -WorkspaceID xxxxxx -WorkspaceKey xxxxx
This will default to downloading and installing the Microsoft Monitoring Agent
on Server01 from the internet, and configure it to point to the specified
Azure Log Analytics Workspace
Install-OMSAgents -ComputerName 'Server01','Server02' -InstallerPath \\nas01\share01\MMASetup-AMD64.exe -WorkspaceID xxx -WorkspaceKey xxx
This will install on Server01 and Server02 using the installer found on NAS01.
Big shout out to John Savill (@ntfaqguy) for the original script I used
to create this function, it can be found on his website
Version: 1.0.0
Maintained By: Ben Thomas (@NZ_BenThomas)
Last Updated: 2019-05-20
- Initial version
- Updated @ntfaqguy's script to a function
- Added support for remotely running against multiple machines
- Added parameters to specify a central installer rather than
downloading the agent on every machine.
- Added a switch for overridding existing Agent installs with
new workspace details.
[cmdletbinding(DefaultParameterSetName = 'Download')]
[string[]]$ComputerName = 'Localhost',
[parameter(ParameterSetName = 'Download')]
[string]$OMSDownloadPath = 'C:\Temp',
[parameter(Mandatory, ParameterSetName = 'Offline')]
begin {
#region: Helper Functions
function Get-InstalledSoftware {
[string]$ComputerName = 'localhost',
[string]$ProductName = '*'
$UninstallKey = SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall
$reg = [microsoft.win32.registrykey]::OpenRemoteBaseKey(LocalMachine, $ComputerName)
$regkey = $reg.OpenSubKey($UninstallKey)
$subkeys = $regkey.GetSubKeyNames()
foreach ($key in $subkeys) {
$thisKey = $UninstallKey + \\ + $key
$thisSubKey = $reg.OpenSubKey($thisKey)
$DisplayName = $($thisSubKey.GetValue(DisplayName))
if ($DisplayName -ilike $ProductName) {
ComputerName = $ComputerName
ProductName = $($thisSubKey.GetValue(DisplayName))
DisplayVersion = $($thisSubKey.GetValue(DisplayVersion))
InstallLocation = $($thisSubKey.GetValue(InstallLocation))
Publisher = $($thisSubKey.GetValue(Publisher))
Write-Verbose "Establish Sessions to target machines"
$Sessions = @{ }
$ExcludedComputers = @()
$OverrideComputers = @()
$Results = @()
foreach ($Computer in $ComputerName) {
try {
$NewSession = New-PSSession -ComputerName $Computer -Name $Computer -ErrorAction Stop
Write-verbose "Checking if OMS Agent is installed on $Computer"
$MMAObj = Get-InstalledSoftware -ProductName 'Microsoft Monitoring Agent' -ComputerName $Computer
if ($MMAObj -and ( -not $OverrideExisting) ) {
throw "Agent is already installed"
elseif ($MMAObj -and $OverrideExisting) {
Write-Warning "Agent found on $Computer, the existing settings on this`nMachine will be overridden."
$OverrideComputers += $Computer
else {
Write-Verbose "No Agent found, install scheduled."
$Sessions.Add($Computer, $NewSession)
catch {
Write-Warning "An error occured and $Computer will be excluded.`nError Details: $($PSItem.ToString())"
$ExcludedComputers += $Computer
Process {
Foreach ($Computer in $ComputerName) {
if ($Computer -iin $ExcludedComputers) {
Write-Warning "Skipping $Computer as it's excluded"
else {
try {
$Install = $true
if ($Computer -iin $OverrideComputers) {
$Install = $false
if ($PSCmdlet.ParameterSetName -eq 'Download') {
# Download the required installer onto the remove machine
Write-Verbose "Downloading MMASetup-AMD64.exe to $Computer $OMSDownloadPath"
$InstallerPath = Invoke-Command -session $Sessions[$computer] `
-ArgumentList $OMSDownloadPath, $Install `
-ErrorAction Stop `
-ScriptBlock {
$OMS64bitDownloadURL = ""
$OMSDownloadFileName = "MMASetup-AMD64.exe"
$OMSDownloadFullPath = "$OMSDownloadPath\$OMSDownloadFileName"
if ($Install) {
#Create temporary folder if it does not exist
if (-not (Test-Path -Path $OMSDownloadPath)) {
New-Item -Path $OMSDownloadPath -ItemType Directory | Out-Null
Write-host "$env:computername - Downloading the agent..."
#Download to the temporary folder
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $OMS64bitDownloadURL -OutFile $OMSDownloadFullPath | Out-Null
$Workspaces = Invoke-Command -Session $Sessions[$Computer] `
-ArgumentList $InstallerPath, $WorkspaceID, $WorkspaceKey, $OverrideExisting, $Install `
-ErrorAction Stop `
-ScriptBlock {
Write-host "$env:computername - Installing the agent..."
if ((-Not (Test-Path -Path $InstallerPath)) -and $Install ) {
throw "$ComputerName cannot access $InstallerPath"
elseif ($Install) {
#Install the agent
$ArgumentList = '/C:"setup.exe /qn ADD_OPINSIGHTS_WORKSPACE=0 AcceptEndUserLicenseAgreement=1"'
Start-Process $InstallerPath -ArgumentList $ArgumentList -ErrorAction Stop -Wait | Out-Null
#Check if the CSE workspace is already configured
$AgentCfg = New-Object -ComObject AgentConfigManager.MgmtSvcCfg
$OMSWorkspaces = $AgentCfg.GetCloudWorkspaces()
$CSEWorkspaceFound = $false
foreach ($OMSWorkspace in $OMSWorkspaces) {
if ($OMSWorkspace.workspaceId -eq $WorkspaceID) {
$CSEWorkspaceFound = $true
elseif ($OverrideExisting) {
if (!$CSEWorkspaceFound) {
Write-host "$env:computername - Adding CSE OMS Workspace..."
$AgentCfg.AddCloudWorkspace($WorkspaceID, $WorkspaceKey)
Restart-Service HealthService
else {
Write-Warning "CSE OMS Workspace already configured"
# Get all configured OMS Workspaces
sleep 5
$Results += [pscustomobject][ordered]@{
ComputerName = $Computer
AgentID = $Workspaces.AgentID
WorkspaceID = $Workspaces.WorkspaceID
Status = $Workspaces.ConnectionStatusText
catch {
Write-Warning "Installation failed on $Computer`nRan into an issue: $($PSItem.ToString())"
End {
foreach ($connection in $Sessions.Keys) {
$Sessions[$connection] | Remove-PSSession -Confirm:$false