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Tests replication between DFS-R Partners is working
This script is designed to query replication groups and folders for a
server, and then test replication to and from all replication partners.
It creates a file in each replicated folder, and waits for the file to
become available on the replication partner or reach a timeout.
.Parameter ComputerName
One or more servers running DFS-R
.Parameter GroupName
(Optional) The name of a DFS-R the server should be part of.
.Parameter Folder
(Optional) A specific folder to test.
.Parameter FileName
(Optional) The name of the test file that will be created.
.Parameter Timeout
(Optional) Number of minutes to wait for replication to complete.
> Test-DfsrReplication -ComputerName DFSR01
This will find all DFS-R Groups and folders on DFSR01, and the servers
that DFSR01 replications with. It will create test files on each of the
folders, and measure the time it takes to replicate to the DFS-R
partners. If the partner's aren't read-only, it will also test replication
back in the other direction.
> Test-DfsrReplication -ComputerName DFSR01 -GroupName "User Data"
This will only test folders on DFSR01 that are part of the "User Data"
DFS-R Group.
> Test-DfsrReplication -ComputerName DFSR01 -Folder "Data"
This will only test the "Data" folder on DFSR01 and it's replication
> Test-DfsrReplication -ComputerName DFSR01 -Timeout 10
This will extend the timeout period from the default 5 minutes to
10 minutes. It can be useful for slow links between DFS-R partners
and also for servers with high change that might have a backlog.
Version: 1.1.0
Maintained By: Ben Thomas (@NZ_BenThomas)
Last Updated: 2019-10-13
- Added -OneWay switch
- Initial Version
# Accepts an array of DFSR Servers
[parameter(Mandatory = $false)]
[string[]]$ComputerName = $env:COMPUTERNAME,
# Accepts a specific GroupName or a willdcard.
[string]$GroupName = "*",
# Accepts an array of Folders to look for in DFSR
# Name of the file to create for replication testing.
[string]$FileName = "DFSRTest_$(Get-Date -Format yyyyMMddmmhhss).txt",
# Specifies a timeout period in minutes to wait for replication to complete
[int32]$Timeout = 5,
# Tests replication only in one direction
Foreach ($SourceComputer in $ComputerName) {
$DFSRConnections = Get-DfsrConnection -SourceComputerName $SourceComputer -GroupName $GroupName
if ( -not $DFSRConnections.Count -ge 1) {
Write-Warning "No connections found matching criteria - Source Computer: $SourceComputer; Group Name: $GroupName"
else {
Write-Verbose "Found $($DFSRConnections.Count) connections for $SourceComputer"
Foreach ($Connection in $DFSRConnections) {
Write-Verbose " $SourceComputer has a connection to DFSR Group $($Connection.GroupName)"
$Groups = Get-DfsrMembership -GroupName $Connection.GroupName | Group-Object -Property GroupName
Foreach ($Group in $Groups) {
$DFSRMembership = $Group.Group
if (!$PSBoundParameters['Folder']) {
$Folder = $DFSRMembership.foldername | Sort-Object | Get-Unique
foreach ($FolderName in $Folder) {
Write-Verbose " Finding members of $FolderName Folder in Group $($Group.Name)"
$Memberships = $DFSRMembership.where{ $_.FolderName -ieq $FolderName }
if ( -not $Memberships -ge 1) {
Write-Warning "$FolderName Folder not found in any of the DFSR Memberships for $SourceComputer"
else {
if ( -not $OneWay) {
$Computers = $Memberships.ComputerName
else {
$Computers = $SourceComputer
$Exclude = $Memberships.Where{ $_.ReadOnly -eq $true } | Select-Object ComputerName
Foreach ($Computer in $Computers) {
if ($Computer -inotin $Exclude) {
Write-Verbose " Identifying $Computer's replication partners"
$Targets = $Memberships.ComputerName.where{ $_ -ine $Computer }
$SourceFolder = $Memberships.Where{ $_.ComputerName -ieq $Computer }.ContentPath.Replace(':', '$')
$SourcePath = "\\$($Computer)\$($SourceFolder)\"
foreach ($Target in $Targets) {
Write-Verbose " Testing replication to $Target"
$StopWatch = [System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch]::StartNew()
$TargetFolder = $Memberships.Where{ $_.ComputerName -ieq $Target }.ContentPath.Replace(':', '$')
$TargetPath = "\\$($Target)\$($TargetFolder)"
$TempFile = New-Item -ItemType File -Path $SourcePath -Name "$($Target)_$($FileName)"
Write-Verbose " Source: $($TempFile.FullName)"
Write-Verbose " Target: $TargetPath\$($TempFile.Name)"
$Result = $false
do {
$Result = Test-Path -Path "$TargetPath\$($TempFile.Name)"
$Result -eq $true -or `
$Stopwatch.Elapsed.TotalMinutes -ge $timeout
GroupName = $Group.Name
FolderName = $FolderName
SourceComputer = $Computer
TargetComputer = $Target
ReplicationSuccessful = $Result
ElapsedTime = $StopWatch.Elapsed.TotalSeconds
$TempFile | Remove-Item -Force
} # Foreach Target
} # If not in Exclude
} # Foreach Computer
} # If Not Found in Memberships
} # Foreach FolderName
} # Foreach Group
} # Foreach Connection
} # Foreach SourceComputer