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Open source Android fractal application
Java GLSL C CMake
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Build Status

FractalZoo - fractal visualization

Currently in early development stage. Not released anywhere yet and not prepared for release.


When I was reading release notes for some other fractal visualization app, there was something like "Speeded the app enormously by using native code". This looked a bit amateurish to me. Then I learned that basic GLSL that just displays a rectangle is actually quite easy. And we should all have an app to chill out and have fun.


The goal is unsurprisingly to eventually get the app to an usable state and release it somewhere. Primarily probably on F-droid, because it is a shining beacon of openness in this bleak corporate world:-) Then Google Play and various other app stores, if it brings something positive.

Current development stage is pre-alpha, where bugs are common and nothing works properly. Progress to alpha stage is tracked by a GitHub project.

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