makefile doesnt work on FreeBSD #2

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ccastro commented May 16, 2011

make ends with *** Error code 1 but, it creates build/variables.vcl anyway

Error example:
Variable "1" found in a module, but not in VARIABLES! Unsafe.

sub vcl_recv
unset req.http.X-SEC-Severity;
unset req.http.X-SEC-Return;
unset req.http.X-SEC-Arg;
unset req.http.X-SEC-Module;
unset req.http.X-SEC-RuleId;
unset req.http.X-SEC-Rule;
unset req.http.X-SEC-RuleName;
unset req.http.X-SEC-RuleInfo;
unset req.http.X-SEC-Client;
unset req.http.X-SEC-Response;

Thanks in advance


This must mean FreeBSD has a weird version of sed or grep.
make check is a lame check anyway, go on and use security.vcl without worrying about this. If I get a chance to test this on FreeBSD I'll prolly find a fix.

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