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Modern Web Programming (COMP 426) Fall 2022

This course covers a wide array of programming concepts, tools, and techniques from API design to human interface on the web.

Modern Web Programming (COMP 426)

This course takes a very practical, hands-on approach to learning applicative skills related to web development and programming. The course also focuses on learning other integral skills related to web programming: collaborative development workflows, project management, reading and understanding errors, reading and writing documentation, and maintaining healthy work practices.

Course info

Follow the links below to repositories containing course information:

Office hours

The office hours schedule is linked here:


  1. syllabus syllabus Public template

    This repository contains the syllabus for the Fall 2022 section of COMP 426 at UNC.


  2. schedule schedule Public template

    This repository houses the schedule of sessions, topics, notes, and slides for COMP 426.

    JavaScript 1

  3. assignments assignments Public template

    This repository contains information about and links to assignment invites and



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