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Yale University
CPSC 183 Final Project 

Bay Gross (@baygross)
Charlie Croom (@charliecroom)

StrangerFB (launched as is a quick, personalized game where you are challenged
to name several of your Facebook friends in succession while racing the clock. 

Though fun, we also intend this game to help Facebook users consider their privacy exposure 
online. Most consumers now know not to make their personal information public, but after years of social networking 
(and hundreds or even thousands of connections) it is clear that many of our online 'friendships' 
are simply (and sadly) no longer entact. 
It is worth questioning whether these 'friendships' should remain privy to the same level of online confidence they once held?

Technical Details

Powered by Ruby on Rails and Heroku. This application 
is hosted publicly on GitHub and provided under the MIT License (MIT).

Terms and Conditions & Privacy

Only the information required to provide this service is stored on our servers. 
As with all Facebook applications, your password and email are never visible to us. 
Your information will never be sold or used outside the context of this project.

All source code is avilable on Github 
The program is licensed under the MIT License.
So if you find any part of our code useful, please feel free to use it and maybe send us a note 
(We'd love to hear about it!).
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