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Modular in-buffer completion framework for Emacs
Emacs Lisp
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test Update company-clang-objc-templatify in line with the previous change
.dir-locals.el Set emacs-lisp-docstring-fill-column to 75,
.elpaignore Add .elpaignore
.gitignore Try the new travis.yml
.travis.yml Remove the "download ERT" logic; should be unused at this point
Makefile Reorganize tests layout Update NEWS [ci skip] Fix the svg url
company-abbrev.el Don't use `require-match t' in normal backends
company-bbdb.el s/`bbdb'/BBDB
company-capf.el Accept markers in the data returned by c-a-p-f functions
company-clang.el Update company-clang-objc-templatify in line with the previous change
company-cmake.el company-cmake: Support G77/Fortran distinction
company-css.el company-css-property-values: delete duplicates
company-dabbrev-code.el Extract regexp for buffers to ignore into a new var
company-dabbrev.el company-dabbrev--search-buffer: Save match data
company-eclim.el Backport defvar-local from Emacs 24.2
company-elisp.el Use cl-lib
company-etags.el company-etags-file-table: Check that TAGS is not a directory
company-files.el company-files: Skip disconnected remote completions for "/xyz"
company-gtags.el Add missing require to `company-gtags`
company-ispell.el Update copyright years
company-keywords.el company-keywords-alist: ass js-mode -> javascript-mode alias
company-nxml.el Use cl-lib
company-oddmuse.el Use cl-lib
company-semantic.el company-semantic: add simple annotations
company-template.el company-template: Add a summary line
company-tempo.el Don't use `require-match t' in normal backends
company-tests.el Reorganize tests layout
company-xcode.el Do minor cleanup
company-yasnippet.el Fix company-yasnippet compilation without yasnippet
company.el Document ignore-case backend command

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