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;;; company-keywords.el --- A company backend for programming language keywords
;; Copyright (C) 2009-2011, 2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Nikolaj Schumacher
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
;; GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(require 'company)
(require 'cl-lib)
(defun company-keywords-upper-lower (&rest lst)
;; Upcase order is different for _.
(nconc (sort (mapcar 'upcase lst) 'string<) lst))
(defvar company-keywords-alist
;; Please contribute corrections or additions.
"alignas" "alignof" "asm" "auto" "bool" "break" "case" "catch" "char"
"char16_t" "char32_t" "class" "const" "const_cast" "constexpr" "continue"
"decltype" "default" "delete" "do" "double" "dynamic_cast" "else" "enum"
"explicit" "export" "extern" "false" "final" "float" "for" "friend"
"goto" "if" "inline" "int" "long" "mutable" "namespace" "new" "noexcept"
"nullptr" "operator" "override"
"private" "protected" "public" "register" "reinterpret_cast"
"return" "short" "signed" "sizeof" "static" "static_assert"
"static_cast" "struct" "switch" "template" "this" "thread_local"
"throw" "true" "try" "typedef" "typeid" "typename"
"union" "unsigned" "using" "virtual" "void" "volatile" "wchar_t" "while")
"auto" "break" "case" "char" "const" "continue" "default" "do"
"double" "else" "enum" "extern" "float" "for" "goto" "if" "int" "long"
"register" "return" "short" "signed" "sizeof" "static" "struct"
"switch" "typedef" "union" "unsigned" "void" "volatile" "while")
"abstract" "add" "alias" "as" "base" "bool" "break" "byte" "case"
"catch" "char" "checked" "class" "const" "continue" "decimal" "default"
"delegate" "do" "double" "else" "enum" "event" "explicit" "extern"
"false" "finally" "fixed" "float" "for" "foreach" "get" "global" "goto"
"if" "implicit" "in" "int" "interface" "internal" "is" "lock" "long"
"namespace" "new" "null" "object" "operator" "out" "override" "params"
"partial" "private" "protected" "public" "readonly" "ref" "remove"
"return" "sbyte" "sealed" "set" "short" "sizeof" "stackalloc" "static"
"string" "struct" "switch" "this" "throw" "true" "try" "typeof" "uint"
"ulong" "unchecked" "unsafe" "ushort" "using" "value" "var" "virtual"
"void" "volatile" "where" "while" "yield")
;; from
"abstract" "alias" "align" "asm"
"assert" "auto" "body" "bool" "break" "byte" "case" "cast" "catch"
"cdouble" "cent" "cfloat" "char" "class" "const" "continue" "creal"
"dchar" "debug" "default" "delegate" "delete" "deprecated" "do"
"double" "else" "enum" "export" "extern" "false" "final" "finally"
"float" "for" "foreach" "foreach_reverse" "function" "goto" "idouble"
"if" "ifloat" "import" "in" "inout" "int" "interface" "invariant"
"ireal" "is" "lazy" "long" "macro" "mixin" "module" "new" "nothrow"
"null" "out" "override" "package" "pragma" "private" "protected"
"public" "pure" "real" "ref" "return" "scope" "short" "static" "struct"
"super" "switch" "synchronized" "template" "this" "throw" "true" "try"
"typedef" "typeid" "typeof" "ubyte" "ucent" "uint" "ulong" "union"
"unittest" "ushort" "version" "void" "volatile" "wchar" "while" "with")
(f90-mode .
;; from f90.el
;; ".AND." ".GE." ".GT." ".LT." ".LE." ".NE." ".OR." ".TRUE." ".FALSE."
"abs" "abstract" "achar" "acos" "adjustl" "adjustr" "aimag" "aint"
"align" "all" "all_prefix" "all_scatter" "all_suffix" "allocatable"
"allocate" "allocated" "and" "anint" "any" "any_prefix" "any_scatter"
"any_suffix" "asin" "assign" "assignment" "associate" "associated"
"asynchronous" "atan" "atan2" "backspace" "bind" "bit_size" "block"
"btest" "c_alert" "c_associated" "c_backspace" "c_bool"
"c_carriage_return" "c_char" "c_double" "c_double_complex" "c_f_pointer"
"c_f_procpointer" "c_float" "c_float_complex" "c_form_feed" "c_funloc"
"c_funptr" "c_horizontal_tab" "c_int" "c_int16_t" "c_int32_t" "c_int64_t"
"c_int8_t" "c_int_fast16_t" "c_int_fast32_t" "c_int_fast64_t"
"c_int_fast8_t" "c_int_least16_t" "c_int_least32_t" "c_int_least64_t"
"c_int_least8_t" "c_intmax_t" "c_intptr_t" "c_loc" "c_long"
"c_long_double" "c_long_double_complex" "c_long_long" "c_new_line"
"c_null_char" "c_null_funptr" "c_null_ptr" "c_ptr" "c_short"
"c_signed_char" "c_size_t" "c_vertical_tab" "call" "case" "ceiling"
"char" "character" "character_storage_size" "class" "close" "cmplx"
"command_argument_count" "common" "complex" "conjg" "contains" "continue"
"copy_prefix" "copy_scatter" "copy_suffix" "cos" "cosh" "count"
"count_prefix" "count_scatter" "count_suffix" "cpu_time" "cshift"
"cycle" "cyclic" "data" "date_and_time" "dble" "deallocate" "deferred"
"digits" "dim" "dimension" "distribute" "do" "dot_product" "double"
"dprod" "dynamic" "elemental" "else" "elseif" "elsewhere" "end" "enddo"
"endfile" "endif" "entry" "enum" "enumerator" "eoshift" "epsilon" "eq"
"equivalence" "eqv" "error_unit" "exit" "exp" "exponent" "extends"
"extends_type_of" "external" "extrinsic" "false" "file_storage_size"
"final" "floor" "flush" "forall" "format" "fraction" "function" "ge"
"generic" "get_command" "get_command_argument" "get_environment_variable"
"goto" "grade_down" "grade_up" "gt" "hpf_alignment" "hpf_distribution"
"hpf_template" "huge" "iachar" "iall" "iall_prefix" "iall_scatter"
"iall_suffix" "iand" "iany" "iany_prefix" "iany_scatter" "iany_suffix"
"ibclr" "ibits" "ibset" "ichar" "ieee_arithmetic" "ieee_exceptions"
"ieee_features" "ieee_get_underflow_mode" "ieee_set_underflow_mode"
"ieee_support_underflow_control" "ieor" "if" "ilen" "implicit"
"import" "include" "independent" "index" "inherit" "input_unit"
"inquire" "int" "integer" "intent" "interface" "intrinsic" "ior"
"iostat_end" "iostat_eor" "iparity" "iparity_prefix" "iparity_scatter"
"iparity_suffix" "ishft" "ishftc" "iso_c_binding" "iso_fortran_env"
"kind" "lbound" "le" "leadz" "len" "len_trim" "lge" "lgt" "lle" "llt"
"log" "log10" "logical" "lt" "matmul" "max" "maxexponent" "maxloc"
"maxval" "maxval_prefix" "maxval_scatter" "maxval_suffix" "merge"
"min" "minexponent" "minloc" "minval" "minval_prefix" "minval_scatter"
"minval_suffix" "mod" "module" "modulo" "move_alloc" "mvbits" "namelist"
"ne" "nearest" "neqv" "new" "new_line" "nint" "non_intrinsic"
"non_overridable" "none" "nopass" "not" "null" "nullify"
"number_of_processors" "numeric_storage_size" "only" "onto" "open"
"operator" "optional" "or" "output_unit" "pack" "parameter" "parity"
"parity_prefix" "parity_scatter" "parity_suffix" "pass" "pause"
"pointer" "popcnt" "poppar" "precision" "present" "print" "private"
"procedure" "processors" "processors_shape" "product" "product_prefix"
"product_scatter" "product_suffix" "program" "protected" "public"
"pure" "radix" "random_number" "random_seed" "range" "read" "real"
"realign" "recursive" "redistribute" "repeat" "reshape" "result"
"return" "rewind" "rrspacing" "same_type_as" "save" "scale" "scan"
"select" "selected_char_kind" "selected_int_kind" "selected_real_kind"
"sequence" "set_exponent" "shape" "sign" "sin" "sinh" "size" "spacing"
"spread" "sqrt" "stop" "subroutine" "sum" "sum_prefix" "sum_scatter"
"sum_suffix" "system_clock" "tan" "tanh" "target" "template" "then"
"tiny" "transfer" "transpose" "trim" "true" "type" "ubound" "unpack"
"use" "value" "verify" "volatile" "wait" "where" "while" "with" "write"))
"abstract" "assert" "boolean" "break" "byte" "case" "catch" "char" "class"
"continue" "default" "do" "double" "else" "enum" "extends" "final"
"finally" "float" "for" "if" "implements" "import" "instanceof" "int"
"interface" "long" "native" "new" "package" "private" "protected" "public"
"return" "short" "static" "strictfp" "super" "switch" "synchronized"
"this" "throw" "throws" "transient" "try" "void" "volatile" "while")
"break" "catch" "const" "continue" "delete" "do" "else" "export" "for"
"function" "if" "import" "in" "instanceOf" "label" "let" "new" "return"
"switch" "this" "throw" "try" "typeof" "var" "void" "while" "with" "yield")
"@catch" "@class" "@encode" "@end" "@finally" "@implementation"
"@interface" "@private" "@protected" "@protocol" "@public"
"@selector" "@synchronized" "@throw" "@try" "alloc" "autorelease"
"bycopy" "byref" "in" "inout" "oneway" "out" "release" "retain")
;; from cperl.el
"__FILE__" "__LINE__" "abs" "accept" "alarm" "and" "atan2" "bind"
"binmode" "bless" "caller" "chdir" "chmod" "chomp" "chop" "chown" "chr"
"chroot" "close" "closedir" "cmp" "connect" "continue" "cos"
"crypt" "dbmclose" "dbmopen" "defined" "delete" "die" "do" "dump" "each"
"else" "elsif" "endgrent" "endhostent" "endnetent" "endprotoent"
"endpwent" "endservent" "eof" "eq" "eval" "exec" "exists" "exit" "exp"
"fcntl" "fileno" "flock" "for" "foreach" "fork" "format" "formline"
"ge" "getc" "getgrent" "getgrgid" "getgrnam" "gethostbyaddr"
"gethostbyname" "gethostent" "getlogin" "getnetbyaddr" "getnetbyname"
"getnetent" "getpeername" "getpgrp" "getppid" "getpriority"
"getprotobyname" "getprotobynumber" "getprotoent" "getpwent" "getpwnam"
"getpwuid" "getservbyname" "getservbyport" "getservent" "getsockname"
"getsockopt" "glob" "gmtime" "goto" "grep" "gt" "hex" "if" "index" "int"
"ioctl" "join" "keys" "kill" "last" "lc" "lcfirst" "le" "length"
"link" "listen" "local" "localtime" "lock" "log" "lstat" "lt" "map"
"mkdir" "msgctl" "msgget" "msgrcv" "msgsnd" "my" "ne" "next" "no"
"not" "oct" "open" "opendir" "or" "ord" "our" "pack" "package" "pipe"
"pop" "pos" "print" "printf" "push" "q" "qq" "quotemeta" "qw" "qx"
"rand" "read" "readdir" "readline" "readlink" "readpipe" "recv" "redo"
"ref" "rename" "require" "reset" "return" "reverse" "rewinddir" "rindex"
"rmdir" "scalar" "seek" "seekdir" "select" "semctl" "semget" "semop"
"send" "setgrent" "sethostent" "setnetent" "setpgrp" "setpriority"
"setprotoent" "setpwent" "setservent" "setsockopt" "shift" "shmctl"
"shmget" "shmread" "shmwrite" "shutdown" "sin" "sleep" "socket"
"socketpair" "sort" "splice" "split" "sprintf" "sqrt" "srand" "stat"
"study" "sub" "substr" "symlink" "syscall" "sysopen" "sysread" "system"
"syswrite" "tell" "telldir" "tie" "time" "times" "tr" "truncate" "uc"
"ucfirst" "umask" "undef" "unless" "unlink" "unpack" "unshift" "untie"
"until" "use" "utime" "values" "vec" "wait" "waitpid"
"wantarray" "warn" "while" "write" "x" "xor" "y")
"__CLASS__" "__DIR__" "__FILE__" "__FUNCTION__" "__LINE__" "__METHOD__"
"__NAMESPACE__" "_once" "abstract" "and" "array" "as" "break" "case"
"catch" "cfunction" "class" "clone" "const" "continue" "declare"
"default" "die" "do" "echo" "else" "elseif" "empty" "enddeclare"
"endfor" "endforeach" "endif" "endswitch" "endwhile" "eval" "exception"
"exit" "extends" "final" "for" "foreach" "function" "global"
"goto" "if" "implements" "include" "instanceof" "interface"
"isset" "list" "namespace" "new" "old_function" "or" "php_user_filter"
"print" "private" "protected" "public" "require" "require_once" "return"
"static" "switch" "this" "throw" "try" "unset" "use" "var" "while" "xor")
"and" "assert" "break" "class" "continue" "def" "del" "elif" "else"
"except" "exec" "finally" "for" "from" "global" "if" "import" "in" "is"
"lambda" "not" "or" "pass" "print" "raise" "return" "try" "while" "yield")
"BEGIN" "END" "alias" "and" "begin" "break" "case" "class" "def" "defined?"
"do" "else" "elsif" "end" "ensure" "false" "for" "if" "in" "module"
"next" "nil" "not" "or" "redo" "rescue" "retry" "return" "self" "super"
"then" "true" "undef" "unless" "until" "when" "while" "yield")
"abstract" "case" "catch" "class" "def" "do" "else" "extends" "false"
"final" "finally" "for" "forSome" "if" "implicit" "import" "lazy" "match"
"new" "null" "object" "override" "package" "private" "protected"
"return" "sealed" "super" "this" "throw" "trait" "true" "try" "type" "val"
"var" "while" "with" "yield")
"abstract" "break" "case" "catch" "const" "continue" "do" "else" "elseif"
"end" "eval" "export" "false" "finally" "for" "function" "global" "if"
"ifelse" "immutable" "import" "importall" "in" "let" "macro" "module"
"otherwise" "quote" "return" "switch" "throw" "true" "try" "type"
"typealias" "using" "while"
;; aliases
(js2-mode . javascript-mode)
(espresso-mode . javascript-mode)
(js-mode . javascript-mode)
(cperl-mode . perl-mode)
(jde-mode . java-mode)
(ess-julia-mode . julia-mode))
"Alist mapping major-modes to sorted keywords for `company-keywords'.")
(defun company-keywords (command &optional arg &rest ignored)
"`company-mode' backend for programming language keywords."
(interactive (list 'interactive))
(cl-case command
(interactive (company-begin-backend 'company-keywords))
(prefix (and (assq major-mode company-keywords-alist)
(not (company-in-string-or-comment))
(or (company-grab-symbol) 'stop)))
(let ((completion-ignore-case nil)
(symbols (cdr (assq major-mode company-keywords-alist))))
(all-completions arg (if (consp symbols)
(cdr (assq symbols company-keywords-alist))))))
(sorted t)))
(provide 'company-keywords)
;;; company-keywords.el ends here
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