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This repository serves as the main landing page at It is powered by the Jekyll static site generator.

Getting Started

Begin by cloning the repository:

git clone ~/

Assuming you already have Ruby installed, run gem install jekyll to install the jekyll gem.

Now start the jekyll server to view the site in your browser:

jekyll serve --watch

Open your browser to see the website:

open http://localhost:4000

Press control+c to stop the server.

If you're already using port 4000, you can specify a different port using the -P option:

jekyll serve --watch -P 4001

Updating Stylesheets

Compass and SASS are used, so you will need the compass gem installed:

gem install compass

Don't make any changes to the files in the css directory. Changes are made to the .sass files in the _sass directory. The SASS files are converted to CSS when you run jekyll, so make sure you are running jekyll before committing your changes.

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