Simple Batch Scheduler - a single user job scheduler
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simple batch scheduler - a single user job scheduler

A single-user batch scheduler that stores queued job information in a local directory. This greatly simplifies trying to run an analysis pipeline on a host without a traditional scheduler (SGE, SLURM, PBS) installed. Storing the job queue in a directory greatly simplifies installation and management because it doesn't require installing a separate database or other libraries.

The SBS queue directory (default: ./.sbs) can be changed using the environment variable: $SBSHOME

Similar to traditional job schedulers, job scripts are submitted as runnable scripts with some meta-data: (mem, cpus, dependencies) added as comments. Options can be set as command arguments too.

Jobs are then run, respecting memory or cpu limits. The maximum memory or processors used can be set at run time (default: max number of CPUs on the host and no memory limits).

Example usage:

sbs submit
sbs submit
sbs run