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Computer-Oriented Geoscience Lab

Geophysical research powered by open-source software

Geophysical research powered by open-source software

The CompGeoLab is a research group based primarily at the University of Liverpool.

We are experts in solving inverse problems in Geophysics and building open-source scientific software.

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Logo of the Computer-Oriented Geoscience Lab on top of a map of gravity disturbances in the Pacific


  1. manual Public

    Lab manual: principles, guidelines, on-boarding, and information for those wanting to work with us.

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  2. dissertation-template Public template

    Template for University of Liverpool dissertation projects

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  3. logo Public

    Logo and branding material for the lab

  4. Gradient-boosted equivalent sources method for interpolating very large gravity and magnetic datasets

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  5. Compilation of all Geoscience Australia ground gravity data, filtered for data quality, converted to the WGS84 datum, and combined in a single file.

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  6. Short course on geophysical inversion at RWTH Aachen University.

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