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images Added 24x24 icon Apr 26, 2008
po Update links Jun 8, 2018
profiles Updated profiles to load mouspoll for ezoom Jun 23, 2008
AUTHORS Update URLs Mar 21, 2016
COPYING Fix incorrect FSF address Mar 21, 2016
INSTALL Added buildsystem Sep 26, 2007
LICENSE Added buildsystem Sep 26, 2007 Include in the MANIFEST Apr 18, 2017
NEWS Add a README Mar 21, 2016
VERSION Release version 0.8.16 Nov 12, 2018 Update links Jun 8, 2018 Do show in KDE, and remove an obscure category in the desktop entry Mar 22, 2016 Do not specify the Rsvg version, ccm no longer needs it Jul 19, 2018
simple-ccsm.ui Remove the Help button that does nothing Mar 21, 2016

Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager

Futher development of Simple CCSM (compiz-reloaded).

Compiz settings manager focused on simplicity for an end-user.

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