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How to deploy

The Rakefile has a task defined. Run this at the command prompt:

  $ rake shoop

Here's a list of resources for developing with Jekyll and Github pages. You can view its Github file page here:

The rest of this pertains to how to get Jekyll running on your own system:

Developer startup

0. To copy the source of this repo:

(this works if you are an owner/member of the repo and have SSH access to it)

git clone

1. Have Ruby installed

In the shell, check your version:

ruby -v

A version of 2.3 or higher should be fine.

2. Install the Jekyll gem

gem install jekyll

3. Install JDK 8.x

Unfortunately, the s3-website gem only works with JDK 8. It may be easiest to install jenv and run v8 for this project only:

You can also download Java 8 SDK here:

At some point, might be easier to write a script that just rsyncs with the bucket.