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from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from os import makedirs
from os.path import join, basename, exists
from urllib.parse import urljoin
import requests
STASHED_PAGES_DIR = join('mydata', 'lastwordspages')
makedirs(STASHED_PAGES_DIR, exist_ok=True)
LAST_WORDS_LINK_COL_IDX = 2 # which column/td element the links are in
# get the index page
resp = requests.get(SOURCE_INDEX_URL)
indexsoup = BeautifulSoup(resp.text, 'lxml')
# iterate through each table row
tablerows = indexsoup.find_all('tr')
for tr in tablerows:
if '</th>' in str(tr):
continue # a cheapo way of avoiding the headers row
# grab the column with the link using a hard-coded positional value
# i.e. the last word links are all in the 3rd column
xtd = tr.find_all('td')[LAST_WORDS_LINK_COL_IDX]
# get the anchor tag and extract 'href'
href = xtd.find('a').attrs['href']
# another chance to skip, if no statement was given
if 'no_last_statement' in href:
# other wise, let's download
# determine if we've already downloaded this file
local_fname = join(STASHED_PAGES_DIR, basename(href))
if exists(local_fname):
print("Already exists:", local_fname)
# else, we need to download it
url = urljoin(SOURCE_INDEX_URL, href)
print("Downloading", url)
resp = requests.get(url)
print("Writing to", local_fname)
with open(local_fname, 'w') as wf: