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import collector, decider, sender
from time import sleep
def make_it_so(starting_tweet_id = None):
# Collect some tweets
tweets = collector.make_it_so(starting_tweet_id)
print('Tweets collected:', len(tweets))
# Decide which tweet to retweet
the_tweet = decider.make_it_so(tweets)
# Retweet that tweet
resp = sender.make_it_so(the_tweet)
# return the Twitter response
if resp:
print("Tweet was sent:",
print("" + str(
return resp
if __name__ == "__main__":
intervaltime = 600
starting_tweet_id = None
print("Hello, going to be retweeting fleekness every %s seconds" % intervaltime)
while True:
resp = make_it_so(starting_tweet_id)
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