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A rip-off of "Bro" from Silicon Valley S2E2


Everytime someone tweets at the bot with the hashtag "#bro", reply back with:

@theuser #YOLOBRO


From the bot's perspective:

1. Get my latest tweets

2. From my latest tweets, find the most recent one in which I replied to someone with the "#YOLOBRO" hashtag.

If no such tweet exists, set a variable (xid) representing the last tweet ID to search from to 1. If such tweet does exist, use the value for in_reply_to_status_id

3. Get the most recent mentions of me since xid

4. Of those mentions, find the first (oldest) instance of someone using the "#BRO" hashtag

5. Formulate an appropriate response as a text string (i.e. '#YOLOBRO')

Should I say something more than "#YOLOBRO?"

6. Reply back to that user (with that text string)