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- Server-Side Rendering of JSX based views in Spring MVC

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complate adapter that can be used in Spring MVC for Server-Side rendering JSX based views.

Quick Start

Download the jar through Maven:


To configure the relevant parts within your Spring Boot application you need to add a configuration class like the one shown below.

public class ComplateConfiguration {

    public ComplateSource complateSource(
            @Value("classpath:/templates/complate/bundle.js") Resource resource) {
         * Note that you have to make sure that the `/templates/complate/bundle.js`
         * file exists within your classpath on runtime and that this file exports
         * a function named `render` by default that has a matching signature:
         * ```
         * export default function render(view, params, stream) {
         *     ...
         * }
         * ```
         * Within this function you can use a complate Renderer to render JSX
         * based views. Because you then need to transpile your JavaScript code
         * you can use faucet or any other bundler that has support for
         * transpiling *.jsx files.
        return new ResourceComplateSource(resource);

    public ComplateRenderer complateRenderer(ComplateSource source) {
         * Note that it's possible to add global bindings or customize other
         * options via the builder for the GraalComplateRenderer.
         * Because `GraalComplateRenderer` only evaluates the given `ComplateSource`
         * on instantiation changes made to this source afterwards will not be
         * picked up. If you want to re-evaluate the `ComplateSource` on every call
         * to `render` you can wrap the `GraalComplateRenderer` within an
         * `ComplateReEvaluatingRenderer`.
         * If you encounter problems that may be related with the multi threaded
         * nature of a Spring web application you can wrap the `GraalComplateRenderer`
         * (or `ComplateReEvaluatingRenderer`) within an `ComplateThreadLocalRenderer`.
         * This will create an instance that is exclusively used within a thread.
         * If you do not want to use the Graal base renderer for the time being
         * there is a `NashornComplateRenderer`, too. Note that this will not work
         * with a more recent JDK because Nashorn was removed.
        return new GraalComplateRenderer.of(source).build();

    public ComplateViewResolver complateViewResolver(ComplateRenderer renderer) {
        return new ComplateViewResolver(renderer);

If you want to use the latest unstable version 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT you need to configure Sonatype's OSS Nexus as snapshot repository:

  <name>Sonatype OSS Snapshot Repository</name>

Release History


Code of Conduct

Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


complate-spring is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.