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Commits on Dec 23, 2012
@defunctzombie defunctzombie update event handling and dispatch
- add 'emit' to dispatch events
- bring event dependencies into repo
- fix event delegation to capture currentTarget
- refactor tests to qunit style
- update Makefile to use browserify
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add testling-ci support
- add testling field to package.json
- add testling browser badge
@defunctzombie defunctzombie remove installation section until I figure out what to call it 7bc293f
@defunctzombie defunctzombie remove examples and docs from README
The wiki will be the place for updated docs.
@defunctzombie defunctzombie remove mocha test harness files
- these should not exist in the repo and should be bootstrapped by the
  tool doing the testing locally
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add mocha to devDependencies daad1a8
@defunctzombie defunctzombie fix remove css class
-- tidy up some code
@defunctzombie defunctzombie remove shorthand attr getters/setters
- favor use of the 'attr' method already available
@defunctzombie defunctzombie fix event delegation
Firefox doesn't like Object.create with event constructor. Just wrap in
regular object.
@defunctzombie defunctzombie event: make sure capture variable is either true or false 06cf7a3
@defunctzombie defunctzombie event: fix initialization
Use default event values if user did not provide overrides when creating
the array for initializing an event.
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add compat.js script to package.json for testling
compat.js provides shims for legacy browsers
@defunctzombie defunctzombie fix wiki link 3c22c56
@defunctzombie defunctzombie use zuul to run tests in headless environment 4752e5e
Commits on Dec 24, 2012
@defunctzombie defunctzombie selector required 28c68bc
@defunctzombie defunctzombie if selector is a string, trim before running query e3f7431
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add ability to set text using text(val) e1b4b72
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add position() and height() methods 0e4bdb5
@defunctzombie defunctzombie fix makefile 1b51401
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add height dimension methods
- outerHeight
- innerHeight
- scrollHeight
- contentHeight
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add width properties
- outerWidth
- innerWidth
- scrollWidth
- contentWidth
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add test for trimming selector strings
when a string is passed to the dome selector, it should be trimmed
@defunctzombie defunctzombie fix dimensions test for mozilla fafd14c
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add traversal tests 665dd04
@defunctzombie defunctzombie fix next/prev traversal
should return 0 length lists when no more elements
Commits on Dec 25, 2012
@defunctzombie defunctzombie make elements in List accessible through array [ ] syntax
No need for a 'get' method to retrieve raw html elements from a list.
Similar to how jquery exposes raw elements.
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add for creating multiple html elements
'<li>foo</li><li>bar</li>' can now be passed to `dom` and works as
@defunctzombie defunctzombie update tests for new [ ] list accessor syntax
- add test for multiple element html creation
Commits on Dec 30, 2012
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add getter/setter for data attributes
- .data(key, value)
Commits on Jan 03, 2013
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add more manipulation methods
- remove
- replace
- before
- after
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add .empty() to remove all children 8c7314b
@defunctzombie defunctzombie remove outerHtml method
It is not cross browser and the same thing can be obtained with
@defunctzombie defunctzombie fix append for ie9 fb2c0ea
@defunctzombie defunctzombie add some additional browser versions for testling-ci 36e62a6
Commits on Jan 06, 2013
@defunctzombie defunctzombie fix .html(str)
- add tests for setting html string
@defunctzombie defunctzombie avoid forEach 15614b1
@defunctzombie defunctzombie remove IE from testling tests 4265849
@defunctzombie defunctzombie remove component.json 15bb41a
@defunctzombie defunctzombie remove Makefile
npm test works without it
@defunctzombie defunctzombie update repo url in package.json 3f0cd9d
@defunctzombie defunctzombie 0.0.1 1b94e72
Commits on Jan 07, 2013
@defunctzombie defunctzombie make .empty just clear the .innerHTML b032ab1
@defunctzombie defunctzombie 0.0.2 4e9acee
Commits on Jan 18, 2013
@defunctzombie defunctzombie use browser ranges for testling-ci 8cf7b0e
@defunctzombie defunctzombie fix package.json syntax f181a6c
Commits on Jan 19, 2013
@defunctzombie defunctzombie remove hide and show
These are broken by design and better done with adding and removing
classes. Classes are a more flexible approach that can be styled easier.
Commits on Jan 29, 2013
@defunctzombie defunctzombie fix .text(val) for empty strings and zero values
Only exclude undefined.
TODO maybe consider just counting arguments instead
@defunctzombie defunctzombie 0.0.3 8922dca