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component is ambiguous


Component is tool for package and build management for the frontend. It's written in JavaScript and you can run it with Node.js.


Components are modular frontend components which can be used with component to build web applications. is a GitHub organization which contains many components.

You can join our IRC channel on freenode: #components is the official registry you can add your own components via the crawler, see 1.0.0 changelog There is also a GitHub Wiki which is kind of the old registry.

[] on Stack Overflow

@componentIO on Twitter

You should use in a general context to avoid disambiguation.

component in another context is a GitHub organization which support many package manager like npm, Bower, Component, Jam, volo, ...


Run-time Component System for structuring HTML5-based Rich Clients by
Ralf S. Engelschall

bower's component.json

Bower has now their own bower.json file. But in earlier versions they used component.json. Some properties of bower.json and component's component.json have the same name, but there is no scripts property, so bower.json is not compatible with component.


Web Components are a collection of standards which are working their way through the W3C. They enable truly encapsulated and reusable components for the web. And if you think HTML5 changed the web, wait to see what Web Components will do.