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Remove references to component-open

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1 parent e2b8387 commit f110018f83124411cf61dc8224869daa42f3bb44 @trevorgerhardt trevorgerhardt committed Jun 17, 2014
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@@ -19,15 +19,13 @@ program.on('--help', function(){
console.log(' install [name ...] install and save one or more components');
console.log(' link [folder] symlink a component');
console.log(' ls list installed components');
- console.log(' open open a repo\'s github page');
console.log(' outdated check for outdated pinned dependencies');
console.log(' pin pin ranged dependencies');
console.log(' search [query] search with the given query');
console.log(' update update pinned dependencies')
console.log(' validate validate component.json\'s');
- console.log(' For more help, run `component open -h` for relevant links.');
- console.log(' You may also `component open help <command>` to open the relevant documentation in your favorite browser.')
+ console.log(' For more help, run `component build -h` for relevant links.');

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