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Private github repository #123

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I saw a bunch of links about creating a private host for components, but it wasn't clear to me if there is support for private github repositories. Can someone point me in the right direction? I'd be more than happy to update the documentation if I could get some help figuring this out.


+1, Our co would like to wholeheartedly adopt TJ's awesome component mechanism and for that we need some of our components in a private repository.


Private github repos are handled via

  "remotes" : [

for Github supports basic auth.

If you want them completely inside your infrastructure check

You would add this as a 2nd remote on your component repos and push to it when you release a component. Then you only need a static file server (like connect with the static middleware) that serves the public folder. The url of this public file server again goes into the remotes path of your component.json.


As a new point at the bottom of the faq page in the wiki?

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added a mention of contre as well, looks sweet! I need to try it out

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