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add AMD support to --standalone #139

tj opened this Issue · 6 comments

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tj commented

No description provided.


Are you thinking, add a secondary option like --module-amd or simply have --standalone build a UMD-like wrapper?

tj commented

just part of --standalone so it automagically works with other envs, global / commonjs / amd etc


I've been spiking on this trying to make it more concise:

I'm sure it can be improved upon greatly.


@wilmoore not quite sure what that is? It looks like it's got underscore stuff in it? Not sure what it has to do with this.


It's just an example of how one would do imports, exports, and module definition across AMD, NodeJS, and Browser Globals. The underscore import is just a contrived example. Some modules won't have any dependencies, some will have more than one.

I am currently using this in a project where I can't convince the rest of the team to adopt "component" (we will be using RequireJS), but we have a ton of code as globals so we need to incrementally move to modules but browser globals shouldn't break just yet.

@tj tj closed this in b75d03e
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