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Loading… website (first pass) #160

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I've created a first pass at a website. You can see it live at or and the code is at So far I've done a listing page for each user (which only lists repos that represent components by checking for a valid component.json file) and a readme page for the repo. My plan is to add a link to the downloads page on that readme page. I'm working on the download page which currently looks like (work in progress) and will host standalone builds of all versions of each library.


Looks nice! :)

Add a start page and this will totally fulfill our needs until we have a public repo on which everybody can improve the "official" website. :)
@visionmedia will you route to @ForbesLindesay's website or copy his app?

P.S.: Hold PageDown on here for ultimate seizure.


Looking at your code, I think it's quite ironic that you built a everything-in-one-file website for a modular system. :D

tj commented

it looks like cloudhead's less site haha. I'm not 100% on replicating github's readmes to a site, personally I dont it useful at all on for example, still cool though. I think we can probably do some pretty cool stats on there and searching stuff for people who are scared of the terminal. Could be a little while though I probably wont have time to start it for at least a month or so. I definitely wont leave out the idea of replicating the readmes though, I can only speak for myself but lots of people might prefer searching for components via the web instead of the CLI


Yeh, search page is pretty high on my todo list for that site (right after getting standalone builds of components) I really like replicating readmes provided that they're at least as good as on github. I don't like them on nom because they're easier to read on github. Hence working to add navigation. You'll also notice I extract trqvis-ci info and the title to display separately. My intention is to also show installation/download instructions in the header.

It was heavily inspired by the less site and the vows site (I stole a lot of their css)

I'm going to work on modularisation as well. I envisaged that someone could pick a few more colour schemes so they repeat a little less frequently.


I've refactored a little to get things a bit more modular. Forget that though, there's something way way more exciting:

All the download links work. You can also link to or which will redirect to the numbered version if at least one tag exists, or the dev version if there are no tags.

There seems to be a alight but on nodejitsu with executing scripts, so I had to add timeouts and have no way of knowing when the component-install and component-build commands complete. If we can get an api for these that'll totally solve the problem. Anyway, if your finding it's slow to build, it's probably because there's a 5 second timeout (in total) which always gets used.


It was worth it checking my mails at 2:50 am. This is awesome!


At the moment it doesn't work for libraries that have dependencies for some reason :(


Right, I ripped out all the exec stuff, so now I just download and build the components manually. It's a lot faster now, and works for libs with dependencies. It doesn't yet handle semver properly, I just support absolute versions and *. This also has the advantage that I now support AMD :smile: and you can define .standalone in your component.json file to determine what property of window gets assigned (it defaults to camel casing the name).

tj commented

i dont think we should go throwing .standalone in component.json files, I'd maybe just default it to camelcased name otherwise allow the consumer to choose a name since that part doesn't really matter


OK, I'll take reading it from component.json out and just leave it as camel cased. I've left the AMD with the original path anyway.


Now it has a home page which pulls the list of components from the wiki.



Anyway, well done!


Yeh, the styling could probably do with being a bit more subtle. I'll accept pull requests that improve things.


We need a full site for component for searching. Cloning the wiki here serves nothing except a cleaner url, and prettier site. Ideally this can/should eclipse any work on What we want to do is fork

I'm a fan of mutual hack sessions on G+ hangouts and/or skype


@devinrhode2 I'm certainly up for that, depending on when we can both be available... my typical hacking hours are 3pm - 10pm UTC

I do plan on moving in that direction, search is next on my priority list, and immediately after is adding stats for stared/forked etc. We can do a lot of stuff to that home page as well. I expect to add a section at the beginning of it that does more to explain what component is, how to use it, and links to other pages (such as the FAQ and the building better components wikis). From the point of view of displaying the repositories themselves, I parse the html page for a list of components grouped into categories, from there it's up to us how we display them. One option would be to re-order them within the category by how many stars they have...

The site does already do a lot of things not supported by GitHub on its own. Check out the dependencies section that gets automatically added to the bottom of the page here. Or the auto-generated downloads page here

Another high priority is licence documents, I want to make it easier to quickly identify which repositories have which licence.

I'm happy to see you creating lots and lots of issues at ForbesLindesay/component-website for things you don't like or think could be better. It has a long way to go, and I really want people's input on this.

tj commented

closing since we have a repo now

@tj tj closed this
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