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Third-party component sub-commands to be used from terminal. Modules below follow component-<name> naming convention. They should be install-able through npm:

npm install -g component-<name>

And, once installed, they can be used like this:

component name

You might also be interested in component builder plugins - they have their own page

  • graph - output a dependency graph
  • compile - pre-compile all your .ejs files to requirable js files. Sorry does not work on Windows :(
  • shrinkwrap - save and reload specific versions of the components
  • npm-post-install - Post-install script for npm(1) which makes a component to be a valid node module.
  • serve - Development server that builds your components on every request.
  • set - add a dependency to your json
  • render - Render html file from template file for component
  • assets - Easily add all your scripts, styles, images and files to your component.json file
  • size - list the file sizes of all dependencies.
  • outdated - list outdated dependencies.
  • update - update outdated dependencies.
  • bundle - separate builds for multi page apps.
  • testem - configured local test runner on top of testem.
  • test - minimal configuration component test runner supporting browser testing, phantomjs, and saucelabs.
  • uninstall - uninstall dependencies from component.json.
  • remove - remove files from component.json.
  • generate - generator for component.
  • link - symlink components between projects in development
  • hint - linting tool for component projects and packages
  • repo - backup installed components in a format compatible with registry
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