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@jonathanong jonathanong Updated Spec (markdown) 125646a
@davearel davearel Updating blog post URL b42bb36
@CoryG89 CoryG89 Fixing typo -- changing ./component to ./components 30402e2
@tj tj .templates 1ddc6fb
@tj tj Updated Spec (markdown) 05c8f1f
@tj tj Updated Spec (markdown) 41e389f
@tj tj typo db874f9
@tj tj demo 78eeafc
@tj tj Updated Spec (markdown) 3053a23
@timoxley timoxley typo .path .paths 9fe4bb1
@timoxley timoxley Undo previous and just mention .path in .local 440deb8
@timoxley timoxley Move .paths closer to .local, as they are related. 209fe60
@tj tj add perf explanation for "" first in remotes fa15028
@tj tj Updated Spec (markdown) 50ccc98
@tj tj .paths example 4bf87c0
@tj tj warning 5d24fa1
@tj tj Revert 3a19c176b7e255fe7b0bf05c1548081d46fc7ef9^ ... 3a19c176b7e255fe7b0bf05c1548081d46fc7ef9 b0a9dbd
@tj tj Revert febfaae30197011ae96f5b03a40294ecae8fba6b^ ... febfaae30197011ae96f5b03a40294ecae8fba6b 6787b58
@tj tj Revert edd86863fe15718980e259ab6b18fe143d0ecaaa ... 3a19c176b7e255fe7b0bf05c1548081d46fc7ef9 febfaae
@bionicbrian bionicbrian Looks like .development has changed to devDependencies (consistent with npm; see Issue #9) ? 3a19c17
@tj tj .paths 943bbba
@tj tj .images and .fonts 41793d5
@tj tj Updated Spec (markdown) 1404c52
@adamsanderson adamsanderson Adding in some entries for version, description, and keywords. 020eb53
@tj tj Updated Spec (markdown) 4bdaaef
@tj tj add license field 9f8e6d7
@tj tj license 0c8006e
@tj tj rename bundled to local f7a30f0
@tj tj Updated Spec (markdown) d9faccd
@tj tj auth 4f8b20a
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