Wish list

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This page contains a list of components that may not already exist, anyone who wants to build some JavaScript experience or has some time to kill may want to take a look at this list for ideas! If you come across one of these in the registry feel free to remove it here.


  • editor like Medium or madebymany/sir-trevor-js but more modular yields/editable
  • pipe: SVG "pipe" between two points, using matthewmueller/svg
  • devtools plugin that shows some stats like: required but unused components, which components are installed and such..
  • super-select: rewrite chosen or select2 for component infrastructure and do it in a nice, clean way :)
  • component to report window.performance.getEntries() once per client to help report latencies
  • crypto functions that work on strings as well as ArrayBuffers similar to require('crypto').createHash(algorithm)
  • encode and decode HTML entities similar to substack/node-ent


not components themselves but things which help you work with components.

  • component-composer compose with components using flow-based programming. This will require somewhat more stricter interfaces, so not all components will work immediately of-course.

  • component-serve(1) like component-build(1) but instead of saving the build to disk it compiles it with each request. Its therefore a static file server with two special paths "build/build.js" and "build/build.css". This saves you having to rebuild after each change. component-serve

  • Rework as a plugin. Being able to use Rework and autoprefixer without setting up a node-middleware would be cool. Could possibly be on by default even and turned off with a flag.