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When building something you should be able to see the product as you work, and while component does require a build step it's simple to make process transparent. The following are some tools to help you achieve this:

  • jkroso/buildfresh - monitors your project and executes a command when files change before refreshing your browser. It should work fine cross platform. Needs to be paired with the liveReload browser plugin in order to reload your browser.
  • sublime-component - a tiny plugin for st3. runs make on post_save.
  • watch - periodically execute a command
  • sublime-reload - reloads all styles on sublime post save, this works on safari, chrome and chrome canary. works only on macs.
  • calce/packrat - Watch and rebuild components, live css update on css file changes or reload page on js file changes.
  • jprichardson/tin - Easily manage NPM, component, and bower package files so that your components can be used with other JavaScript dependency managers and module loaders.
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