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Compose Specification

The Compose Specification is developer focused for defining cloud and platform agnostic container-based applications.

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  1. compose-spec compose-spec Public

    The Compose specification

    Dockerfile 2.1k 749

  2. compose-go compose-go Public

    Reference library for parsing and loading Compose YAML files

    Go 324 101

  3. compose-ref compose-ref Public archive

    Compose specification reference implementation

    Go 68 25

  4. conformance-tests conformance-tests Public

    Conformance test suite for the Compose specification

    Go 19 8

  5. community community Public

    Community resources

    12 6

  6. godotenv godotenv Public archive

    Forked from joho/godotenv

    A Go port of Ruby's dotenv library (Loads environment variables from `.env`.)

    Go 2 4


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