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100644 11 lines (11 sloc) 119 Bytes
1607ac2 @xaav Added phar compiler
xaav authored
1 /.settings
2 /.project
3 /.buildpath
3d58cf1 @Seldaek Update gitignore
Seldaek authored
4 /composer.phar
8a5c7b3 @henriquemoody Added "nbproject" folder to the .gitignore list.
henriquemoody authored
5 /vendor
6 /nbproject
92410f9 @till Added bonus: ignore phpunit.xml
till authored
7 phpunit.xml
cd2c6dc @till * ignore vagrant related
till authored
8 .vagrant
9 Vagrantfile
10 .idea
fda4a59 @Seldaek Add PHPCSFixer config
Seldaek authored
11 .php_cs.cache
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