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@@ -21,6 +21,12 @@ The following options are available with every command:
* **--no-ansi:** Disable ANSI output.
* **--version (-V):** Display this application version.
+## Process Exit Codes
+* **0:** OK
+* **1:** Generic/unknown error code
+* **2:** Dependency solving error code
## init
In the [Libraries]( chapter we looked at how to create a
@@ -348,6 +354,11 @@ performance.
autoloader. This is recommended especially for production, but can take
a bit of time to run so it is currently not done by default.
+## run-script
+To run [scripts](articles/ manually you can use this command,
+just give it the script name and optionally --no-dev to disable the dev mode.
## diagnose
If you think you found a bug, or something is behaving strangely, you might

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