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+### 1.0.0-alpha8 (2014-01-06)
+ * Break: The `install` command now has --dev enabled by default. --no-dev can be used to install without dev requirements
+ * Added `composer-plugin` package type to allow extensibility, and deprecated `composer-installer`
+ * Added `psr-4` autoloading support and deprecated `target-dir` since it is a better alternative
+ * Added --no-plugins flag to replace --no-custom-installers where available
+ * Added `global` command to operate Composer in a user-global directory
+ * Added `licenses` command to list the license of all your dependencies
+ * Added `pre-status-cmd` and `post-status-cmd` script events to the `status` command
+ * Added `post-root-package-install` and `post-create-project-cmd` script events to the `create-project` command
+ * Added `pre-autoload-dump` script event
+ * Added --rollback flag to self-update
+ * Added --no-install flag to create-project to skip installing the dependencies
+ * Added a `hhvm` platform package to require Facebook's HHVM implementation of PHP
+ * Added `github-domains` config option to allow using GitHub Enterprise with Composer's GitHub support
+ * Added `prepend-autoloader` config option to allow appending Composer's autoloader instead of the default prepend behavior
+ * Added Perforce support to the VCS repository
+ * Added a vendor/composer/autoload_files.php file that lists all files being included by the files autoloader
+ * Added support for the `no_proxy` env var and other proxy support improvements
+ * Added many robustness tweaks to make sure zip downloads work more consistently and corrupted caches are invalidated
+ * Added the release date to `composer -V` output
+ * Added `autoloader-suffix` config option to allow overriding the randomly generated autoloader class suffix
+ * Fixed BitBucket API usage
+ * Fixed parsing of inferred stability flags that are more stable than the minimum stability
+ * Fixed installation order of plugins/custom installers
+ * Fixed tilde and wildcard version constraints to be more intuitive regarding stabilities
+ * Fixed handling of target-dir changes when updating packages
+ * Improved performance of the class loader
+ * Improved memory usage and performance of solving dependencies
+ * Tons of minor bug fixes and improvements
### 1.0.0-alpha7 (2013-05-04)
* Break: For forward compatibility, you should change your deployment scripts to run `composer install --no-dev`. The install command will install dev dependencies by default starting in the next release

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